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Club Social Breakfast - 16FT Sailing Club

Description: Rock on down to Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club on Sunday morning for breakky, we would love to have you along. This is a lovely lazy start to a Sunday as the club opens at 9am - The Parade Belmont. Bring the family, friends or kids too and take in the spectacular water views that are Lake Macquarie - and go for an impromptu ride after if you want. The venue has good covered areas with spectacular views so it is suitable in any kind of weather.

If the weather is looking a bit uncivilised we will be in the corner under the glass in front of the food servery. Otherwise its the great outdoors under the sails on the back verandah over the lake.

The discussion is bound to get around to Ducati goings on but really its just a good excuse to get out and mingle with your fellow Ducatisti!

And, if you've got ideas or there is anything you want to bring up about club stuff, what a great opportunity to chip in to help make a great club better.

Date: Sunday, 5/8/07
Repeat Type: Monthly;Days=1SU
,Exclusion Dates=6/8/06 3/12/06 3/6/07 1/7/07 2/9/07 7/10/07 2/12/07 6/7/08 5/7/09 6/12/09 4/7/10 3/7/11 4/12/11 1/7/12 7/10/12 2/12/12
Time: 9:00am-10:00am EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Priority: 2-High
Access: Public
Updated: Thursday, 11/10/12 10:25pm EDT
Send Reminder: Yes  -  5 days 0 hour 0 minutes before start
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