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Club Ride - Putty Rd Half Way House; 9am Freemans Depart

Description: Putty Rd Half Way House: via Broke, Milbrodale, Howes Valley & Putty Rd Half Way House. A nice relatively short day out in the sunshine to do that magic top ten miles, and after the sighting run is done and a short break at the top bbq turnaround area the keen ones will go back for another loop! Singleton pub for lunch and the back way to Lochinvar home. 188km out (+30km if keen) to Singleton, 81km back to Newc. Alternately, lunch via Wollombi Tavern, then Laguna, Freemans Waterhole and home, to be finalised by those present.

The Half Way House is open again after it burnt down, but may not get fuel until later in the year. Therefore we will turn right at Milbrodale when we hit the Putty so anybody with a concern will be able to fuel up at Bulga which is 4km up the road. Unless of course everybody is OK with making the 188km on a tank, which is a fair possibility.

Meet 8:45am for 9am-ish departure (unless rain prevents). Departure points vary depending which direction we are going.

West / South West: Freemans Waterhole Oaks - this is the Shell servo on the left when coming from Toronto or Kurri, or right from Sydney.

You will be going somewhere nice and in the company of friendly like minded people who love to ride their Ducatis, or they want to one day.

All are welcome and there is no club charge, you don't have to be a member (until you want to be). We mostly adopt a ride practice of waiting at turns - this gives the faster riders a bit of a rest, and allows others to catch up at their own pace with no worries. We may sometimes use corner markers and / or tail riders depending on group size / destination / whatever, but the main thing is to ensure that everybody has a good time riding and in the company of others.

Please also note that the club accepts no liability whatsoever for your actions / losses, regardless of the cause - see disclaimer here:
Date: Sunday, 15/5/11
Time: 9:40am-2:40pm EDT
Duration: 5 hours
Priority: 2-High
Access: Public
Updated: Wednesday, 16/3/11 8:44am EDT
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