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  • The main areas the club is involved in are Day Riding, Social Meetings, Special Events, Weekends Away, Racing, and Support. To this we have added a charity arm to be used for the benefit of seriously injured riders in extreme need when we can take on providing some form of useful assistance.

  • Special Events might include Bike Shows, Christmas party, Frasers Sale Day stand, Auto Italia, Toy Rides and participation in other clubs activities, swap meets or whatever.

  • Support includes Merchandising, Technical information, For Sale notices, Website mgt for collation and dissemination of info, Rider training, Membership register, etc.

  • Club activities are Ducati-centric but ownership is not a pre-requisite to participation as associate membership is available (equal in all other regards). Make sure you're kind to our Italian lovers but!

  • Intermittently you can order some of our fantastic new regalia - click on form above. Only $32 for top quality poly cotton polo shirts in ladies and gents cuts, $22 for the very swish T shirts in red or black, $20 for the well made cloth caps, $8 for the unique collector edition stubby holders, and $5 a pack of 4 stickers. Postage can be arranged as per the details on the form, or free pick-up at club events. These details are from the last time this was organised, it was quite successful and will happen again if there is enough woofing about it (and a volunteer to coordinate orders, we know where to go but).

  • AGM: held at the July Breakfast Club meeting

  • Postal: we are temporarily "Post Free" until a committee reforms

Club Committee / Support Team

Sorry to say we are now in "caretaker mode" until a committee reforms. For an explanation of this situation please see: http://hunterdog.org.au/DiscussionBoard/index.php?topic=861.msg2430#msg2430 The below is the last committee that was in actual force to July 2012 when this happened: http://hunterdog.org.au/DiscussionBoard/index.php?topic=831.msg2350#msg2350 . Unless good people decide to revitalise the club sooner my personal expectation is it won't happen until the Ringwood Raceway gets going, keep an eye on http://hunterdog.org.au/DiscussionBoard/index.php?topic=275.0 for news on that. However we are paid up for some years so you can expect us to stick around. It was a good idea when it was formed and it still is!!!

(Pics needed: "Mug Shot", "My Bike", "On Tour" and "Zany Ducati Event")

NOTE: All emails are @HunterDOG.org.au (separated to avoid SPAM). If you wish to use long term email addresses these are:

president, vicepresident, secretary, treasurer, publicofficer, clubcaptain,  mccdelegate, publicity, regalia, rides, webmaster

Brett - Mug Shot   Brett - My Bike   Brett - Event, Concourse 2007   Brett - My New Bike, Breakkie May 2008    Brett - My New Bike, July 2008 AGM Ride   Brett - My Racer At The Creek
  • President (to Dec 2012): Brett Roberts, ph 0400 446 658; email: brett

Scott - Mug Shot   Scott - My Bike   Scott - On Tour, Beechworth NDR 2006 - Omeo   Scott - On Tour, Beechworth NDR 2006 - at Tumbarumba, Lotsa Canvas!   Scott - Event, Beechworth NDR 2006   Scott - New "Bike", Sept 2007 Breakfast - All Good Now (kinda!)   Scott - Sept 2007 Breakfast, Cool Scenery Here   Scott - 2011 AGM, I'm BACK!!!

  • Vice President (to Dec 2012): Scott Priestley, ph: 0412 746 869; email: scott

Glenn-2010-03-Dog-Gone Bathurst Weekend Glenn-MyBikeInBathurst
  • Secretary & Membership (to Dec 2012): Glenn Lewis, ph: 0407 119 977; email: glenn

Vince - Mug Shot   Vince - My Bike   Vince - On Tour, Beechworth NDR 2006 - Mt Panorama   Vince - Event, Turismo 2006

  • Acting President, Treasurer, MCC Delegate & Public Officer: Vince Sunter, ph: 0414 706 875; email: vince

  • Regalia Officer: If you would like some, first we need a volunteer....?

  • Cheryl - Mugette Shot  Cheryl - My Bike Seat  Cheryl - 2011 AGM 16' Sailing Club

  • Events / Publicity / Social Coordinator (to Dec 2012): Cheryl Cairns, ph: 0434 573 922; email: cheryl

Turismo 2004, Tasmania - nearly ready   Social Committee Potential Candidates Escaped From NSWDOC 30th Anniversary   Social Committee Potential Candidates Courtesy Canberra DOC

  • Social Committee: It's sorta everybody at the moment, and that's OK - but we'd love it if you wanna volunteer to assist Cheryl organise a special event or just some more Ducati-good stuff.....?

  • Webmaster: Vince Sunter (we are looking for a champion here, is it you...?)

Club History

  • The club was formed as an idea at the Sydney Bike Show on 19/11/05 when Scott Priestley, Vince Sunter and Frances Tonks were hanging around the best display in the place (Ducati's of course) and various unmentionable personages (and a goat) were providing eggs and other unspeakable bribes / suggestions to push us in this direction.

  • Various discussions, mumblings (and bike-loads of email) then ensued, culminating in a BBQ at The Priestleys on 10/12/05. As you would appreciate the BBQ is the social bastion / corner-piece of all things good about the Australian way of life and great things begin or are mulled over and significantly improved as a result of the attention given by the adoring crowd. Such was the case with this fledging Ducati club which was given new wheels and the beginnings of a shiny red exterior. As well as the initial gang of 3, James & Nicole Sparkes and Scott's wife Paula attended.

  • A flurry of activity got things moving along nicely culminating in the club's incorporation on 9/01/06. The core aim was to form an easy going low cost friendly riding club centred around the Ducati marque that people could enjoy the fun of participation in their down time.

  • The inaugural ride to Wiseman's Ferry was held on 15/01/06 with 12 bikes attending. It was dry and overcast all day but had rained overnight so this kept a few away. King Wally (Warren Lee) promised to attend if the planets aligned, however there must've been an eclipse - we will undoubtedly enjoy his delightful company on a future anniversary etc ride! The (initial) web site background is from a pic of this auspicious event.

  • The first committee meeting with the above 6 and the delightful Roger & Brenda Edwards was held at the Sparkes place (to christen their fancy new BBQ) on 22/01/06. Soon after Roger & Brenda had a chance of a lifetime to get into their dream job, but this was on the South Coast so they were not able to stick around for long to build on the excellent work they had contributed earlier to the establishment of the club.

  • Due to the unfortunate circumstances of founding President and Top Dog Scott Priestley's collision with a telegraph pole on Melbourne Cup day, 7/11/06 the club sought and was formally granted a Charitable Fundraising Authority on 18/01/07. Tax Deductible Gift Recipient status was also granted, on 16/02/07 (effective from 29/11/06).

  • Scott remained in a coma for 2 months before being transferred to the Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Centre Brain Injury Unit where he commenced a long recovery and convalescence process.  Doggy members (and friends) did get their Ducatis in to Ryde on a few occasions to keep Scott in touch with his passion for motorcycling, but it was on 8/07/07 that Scott was first given day leave to get his shiny red wheelchair to the Brooklyn Pub. Here he was met by a handful of BIG ride participants (who had stayed away in droves due to the threat of rain) and the 12 Ducatis and 2 very welcome non-Ducatis who had departed from the club's inaugural AGM at the Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club.

  • Obviously Scott's condition and the support required had a significant impact on the club's ongoing activities. However, Vince stepped up to the plate to keep it all going with regular rides and newsletters etc and then, at the inaugural AGM on 8/07/07, the club was given a new lease on life with the appointment of a band of 7 keen members on the committee. These people shared a common passion for motorcycling without any politics or other dramas and went on to grow the club into the successful friendly social riding club that you see today.

  • to be continued some sunny day on a twisty road near you....

Club Committee Member History

Jan 2006 - Jul 2007  Scott Priestley
Dec 2006 - Jul 2007 Vince Sunter (Acting)
Jul 2007  - Jun 2010 Brett Roberts
Jul 2010  - Jun 2011 Frances Tonks
Jul 2011  - Dec 2012 Brett Roberts
Jan 2013 - current    Vince Sunter

Vice President
Jul 2007 - Jul 2009   Brian Mowle
Jul 2009 - Jun 2010  Rob Mowle

Jul 2011 - Dec 2012 Scott Priestley

Secretary & Membership Officer
Jan 2006 - Jul 2009  Vince Sunter
Jul 2009 - 
Jun 2010  Paula Priestley

Jul 2010 - Dec 2012 Glenn Lewis

Jan 2006 - Jul 2008  James Sparkes
Jul 2008 -  Jun 2010 Neale Simpson

Jul 2010 - current     Vince Sunter

Ride Coordinator
Jul 2007 -  Jul 2008 Stuart Vickery
Jul 2008 - Jul 2009  Brett Roberts
Jul 2009 - Jun 2010 Glenn Lewis

Jul 2010 - Jun 2011 The Committee

Jul 2011 - current    Individual Ride Leader Volunteer Roster

Event / Publicity / Social Coordinator
Jan 2006 -  Jun 2011   Frances Tonks
Jul 2011  - Dec 2012   Cheryl Cairns

No 1 Fan
Jul 2007 -  current    Scott Priestley

MCC Delegate
Jul 2007 -  current    Vince Sunter

Regalia Officer
Jul 2007 -  Jul 2008    Russell Carr
Jul 2008 -  Jun 2010  Bruce Chippington

Jan 2006 -  Jul 2008  Vince Sunter
Jul 2008  - Jul 2009   Chris Coleman
Jul 2009  - Jun 2010  Vince Sunter

Jun 2010  - Jun 2011 Michael Lewis

Jul 2011  -  current   Vince Sunter


Past Officer Info (Alphabetical):

  • Russell Carr

    Bruce - Mug Shot, Christmas Party 2007 (new 848 behind) Bruce, Event - Off To NDR 2008 Bruce - My Bike, At 16' Breakky March 2010

  • Bruce Chippington

  • Brian Mowle

    Rob - Mug Shot, Breakfast Sept 2007 Rob - On Yer Bike, Chrissie BBQ 2007

  • Rob Mowle

    Paula - Mugette Shot, Concourse D' Elegance Sept 2007 Paula - My Bike, Sept 2007 then => 848 => ? Paula - Mugette Shot, Breakfast Sept 2007

  • Paula Priestley

    Neil - Event, Thunder Rally 2009 Neil & Roz - Event, Rockin' Turismo SA 2009

  • Neale Simpson

  • James Sparkes

    Frances - Mugette Shot Frances - My Bike, Flotty On Board Frances - On Tour, Turismo 2006 Frances - Event, Turismo 2008 (At Start of Great Ocean Road)

  • Frances Tonks