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 Now that I have got the membership admin up to date for those wondering what the actual status of this club is it is as follows:

52 Doggies (who somewhere along the line have coughed up some dosh and have said they want to participate in rides / activities)

116 Puppies (who want to know about / participate in rides / activities at some level but haven't yet made an actual $ contribution)

9 Friends (who only want the "big picture" stuff and will get newslettery things, but not automated notices of rides / activities)

2 "Delete Me" (as moved on in life)

176 Total - not bad eh, aren't you glad you're part of such a good thing!!! (I am not counting a test account which is why it doesn't add up, and obviously the deletions have gone!)

I have also edited the previous post to change the post counts (as shown in purple) and what that now tells me is that 29 currently registered people have posted on the forum, plus those who have guest posted or since moved out of the area and asked to be removed. All up about 35, so how about some of the other silent 142 join in, we want to hear your opinions too!!!!
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Extract from a Follow up Newsletter: It is great to be getting all the positive feedback from the AGM result notice email (below). I have realised things need to be set up just slightly differently to what I suggested so, the below is what I have now started to do. This comes from realising the meaning of the "Friend" category was not clear. Some people who have said "Friend" obviously meant exactly that, and I am sure some others actually meant what I am now calling "Puppy".

Let me first just say the bottom line short story is that this thing is totally voluntary. It is meant to improve our our sense of “being alive and enjoying life”, but it can only become what “we” make of it – not leave it up to “them”. It will become what you, I and others like us make of it. Of course I am an eternal optimist (having considered the alternative and I don’t like it!) so I KNOW it will be a beauty, and I also see there are a lot that think the same - at least in spirit, even if the flesh can’t always deliver! To give it the best chance of being a real success story the following is the level of "identity" I am putting "out there", and I hope this inclusive approach will make people feel comfortable and part of something good whilst retaining a semblance of sensibility, and therefore help the whole thing morph into something really fantastic over time, what do you reckon - are you up for it?

Ducatisti "Identity"
Friend: People that want to know what's going on but can't normally get along to events. (typically live too far away, or just can’t seem to get that restoration jobbie finished, saving up to buy a bike, are a fellow club that wants to keep tabs on our goings on, just waiting for the race track to happen, love admiring Ducati riders from afar (come closer!), etc, etc - about 1/4 of the people receiving this email).

Puppy: Ducatisti that are happy to tag along and play when they can and are good for a cheerful woof and a happy tail wag! No cost, no pressure, just get out when you can. (This would be a bit under half the people receiving this email).

Doggie: Ducatisti  that have been a puppy for a while, and the other Doggies love that you keep hanging around when you can. And somewhere along the line you have chipped in that $15 joining donation (again, a fair few - maybe about 1/4 of the people receiving this email).

Doggie Doer:
Ducatisti that don't mind taking turns leading the pack or woofing out a "let's get out 'n do it" sometimes, and know how to put a bit of meat on the bone. (we know who you are, and love it when you put your paw in the air! At least this is anyone that has been on the Committee before).

Pack Leader:
Ducatisti that don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure their fellow Doggies have a good time in the pack, and are sometimes called on to represent the Doggies to other pack leaders and the wider community. Don’t mind “going the extra mile” or sitting in the cold shivering if it means the pack gets first crack at some juicy new bones! (typically ex Presidents, and anybody else that it obviously is!).

Discussion Board Participation Scale
The following was originally set up to show (by relative size of breed) how much a person has participated in the Discussion Forum by Post Count. It might be a bit wanky and maybe should be deleted, or is just a bit of amusing kitsch and is fine – what do you reckon?
Breed           Stars      Posts
Chihuahua         *          1+
Fox Terrier       **         5+
Cattle Dog        ***       30+
Labrador          ****      50+
Dalmatian         *****    100+
Great Dane        ******   150+
English Mastiff   *******  300+

I will also just say out loud that one constant through the whole HunterDOGs adventure is that there have been “no dickheads” – not now, not ever. Just good people participating when they can with what / when they have available and with whomsoever is similarly inclined at the time. This would be a rare thing in “club world”, but something about what we have set up here or where we live has got this outcome, here’s hoping it remains! Even the big capitol city clubs are a long way from getting this stuff right (with due recognition of some isolated pockets of excellence and really decent human beings sprinkled throughout). But maybe right here in the Hunter, the best place on earth, between us we WILL find that elusive recipe for a really smicko social motorcycling club, are you "in".......?
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keep me in i love still being involved in something we started together even though i dont think i can ever ride again unless warren wally lee puts it to ducati to build me the first ducati 1198 can am spyder style bike for me to ride the country promoting for frasers ducati!!! :P
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Hi Vince,

I am in for the occasional social ride,  if it is fine sunday I will be there and it will probably my last for a few months. Have a previous engagement with orthopaedic surgeon three weeks today!!

My preference is to maintain this format of emails posts ect, I do NOT have a facebook account and have no intention of getting one.



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STOP PRESS – If you are not really interested in this stuff please read 6) below and make a decision. Thank you.  :-*

A very worthwhile chat was had by those present at the AGM and we scratched around where social motorcycling was at, what worked and what didn’t, and the whys and where-to-fores of it all. We have loosely sorted out a direction forward and it seems simple, although definitely not where we thought we were going to go! I’ll have a crack at summarising the flavour / outcomes of what is still a work in progress as follows, but it can be summarised as “get rid of all the “club crap” and just do the stuff that works”:

1)   Every time we consider whether there SHOULD be a Ducati focussed social motorcycle club or not the answer always comes back as a resounding YES, and this time was no different. So how might that happen with the realities and vagaries of modern life?

2)   We are very much agreed that the “old” structures serve nobody in this day and age, or maybe just a problem for the sorts of people that ride Ducatis, doesn’t matter. That model comes from the “inner circle of mates” that meet regularly and make their own fun with others dropping in and out as life’s circumstances permit them. This is OK as long as it doesn’t get “cliquey”, but fundamentally needs that core group regularly participating to glue it together. These days that might happen in Ulysses and HOG, but for all the rest of us it simply doesn’t work to nominate people to various roles if we / they either know or just find out that they won’t be able to do a tenth of what they had hoped to do when confronted with life’s realities. So that’s a decision – everybody is sacked and no replacements appointed!

3)   However we are not going to dismantle the club or put it into caretaker mode. It needs to be something else and needs a decent chance to grow into that. So I (Vince) will do the admin to ensure the mechanism remains and people are reminded of scheduled events and can attend or not as they wish. Obviously there is an immediate problem with that, I will only list what I think is a good idea / already know (and am therefore limited by), so alternate suggestions are most appreciated and accepted openly. It will start with continuation of the scheduling we already have, ie breakfasts and monthly rides. For now we agreed to leave breakfasts at the 16 footers as it is, although that could change to mix it up over time as doing so with the monthly rides has worked well.

4)   Another part of the “old” structure we are going to drop is formal financial membership. We believe that whether a person is financial or not can play on how they may feel about participation in club activities so, at least for the social aspect, we are going to remove it. If we later start doing historic plates or race licences these may require particular levels of membership, but that will be sorted out at the time – and come complete with a few trusty individuals to make sure it all works as it should.

5)   However, along with dropping ongoing financial membership we will retain a joining fee, currently $15 – which we would expect can be in effect a continuing donation style of sponsorship by Frasers with the sale of new bikes for anyone that wishes to receive this info of what other Ducati toting riders are up to. So, in effect, this will grant anybody lifetime social membership for the one small fee. Which is bad luck to those of us that chipped in for the much larger current lifetime rate, but in reality those that did so did it willingly, and treated it as a donation to get a good concept club off the ground. But it will be regarded as retrospective, so if you have EVER paid any money to the club, arise venerable Ducatisti and congratulations on your newfound allegiance to all things Hunter Ducati. Your only way out is the next item….

6)   As part of a fresh start we need to clean out the Members list. If you are getting this email and hope to or want to participate in the club’s activities in the future do nothing (although a “count me in” note would be nice to have). For the rest could you please hit reply and say either “FRIEND” or “Delete Me” depending on if you have any interest in seeing what we get up to over time or this stuff just isn’t on your life path. No pressure, and your decision is not final as you can always send in another email if you change your mind – but do make a decision, whatever it is will be fine. Thank you.

7)   To give effect to the desire (as opposed to reality) I need to find a way to automate event notifications, as yet I can only do this manually but have delayed sending this newsletter out as I have been working on a way to automate it. I think it can be done, but not quite there yet, you will see some strange test stuff turn up on the calendar and hopefully I won’t accidentally splatter out too many test emails! What I am expecting is there will be an automated reminder at 5 days and 2 days before each regular event to all people identified as "Members", and that at least will ensure people know about it and then, weather permitting, the days will become what those attending make of them. “Friends” only get notice of “one-offs” such as newsletters, special events or particular topics of interest, but not regular events like breakfasts and monthly rides.

8 )   With this new found way of thinking we have no particular need for ANY postal communication, so the PO will lapse next March not to be replaced unless something happens that requires it before then.

9)   One other aspect of this approach is that previously membership cards were issued and these allowed the member to access a 10% discount at Frasers as long as their membership cards were current. Now in effect we will be dropping the issuing of cards and the discount along with it. And considering the extreme turnover in staff at Frasers these days that is a maintenance task we are happy to drop.

10)   A piece we will miss is the occasional rush of blood to the head that happens and we get a bunch more T shirts / jackets / etc made up. They’re pretty cool, really – and there is no reason it shouldn’t happen again, just won’t be any time soon!

11)   Racing – when that track finally gets built at Raymond Terrace something else will need to take shape by way of formal club structure, but it isn’t here now and we will worry about it when we see it.

12)   Weekends away are always brilliantly successful. But the only way this will happen in our new found “loose” format is if somebody makes one their own and does the grunt-work to get a plan together. It might not be that hard, only have to come up with an idea and "start" - I can fill in a lot of the blanks and am a likely contender anyway!

13)   Major events are always on the cards, Turismo is on again ( and of course there is MotoGP and the superbikes, although my conclusion is that these are not really suitable for orchestrated groups to attend, so will let them take their own course and if a few people hook up to attend all the better.

14)   Apart from sorting out a way to do regular reminders the last general topic to sort is web maintenance. I got a super deal and paid up 5 years in advance last Oct so the thing will continue with no drama, but it would be handy to get a bit more traction with participation between interested people on the forum. Or do we really need to set up a Facebook group (I am so not a fan” of the whole FB phenomenon, but do have an account!) to get decent participation presumably leading to higher physical participation rates? Dunno, and I am scratching for ideas here – and maybe a bit of support!

15)  Just to drive home the importance of having some variety in participation at the AGM Eric made the brilliant suggestion to gather for a short club ride terminating in the airfield at Rutherford and watch all the historic planes take off before breaking for coffee / whatever. Now I don't have any details to check the timing works, but what a cool idea - another example of why we need to mix it up a bit!

That’s (more than!) enough for now, as is obvious it is a work in progress. But what we had wasn’t exactly producing the goods. Remember this is our “down time”, we do it for the fun and social interchange / release that it gives us, so we need it to be something we want to see, participate in and grow. And be bloody simple to use / do! Let me know what you think, you know you want to………

Before I sign off, here’s an unashamed plug: the M900 Monster special is up for sale as I went 'n bought another ST4S – check out the pics / details here if you are at all interested / know someone that might be in owning this really well set up cool bike:

(sent out as an "Announced" topic)
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