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Re: OUR clubs AGM meeting today
« Reply #2 on: 23 Jul 2011, 02:04 PM »
G'day All,

Under the auspices of 'better late than never', I'd like to thank those who nominated and voted in the new club leadership team, which came out roughly as follows ;

President - Brett Roberts
Vice President - Scott Priestly
Secretary & Membership - Glenn Lewis
Treasurer, MCC Delegate & Public Officer - Vince Sunter
Events, Publicity, Social Coordinator - Cheryl Cairns

In the 'welcome backs' ;

. Thanks to Scotty for stepping up, I know it's a big ask, and I think that this is a great opportunity for those who haven't taken the time to get to know Scott, to have a chat and get to know him, he's a smart bloke and has a Ducati heart of gold.  Don't let the extra set of wheels scare you off...

. Glenn's back from our former Ride Coordinator making sure you all get out for a ride, to looking after membership and associated club administration.  Please help support Glenn by getting your renewals and new applications in, as this small amount of funding keeps the club operational.  Don't forget, he hates spelling mistakes...

. Founding father Vince, is looking after the bills, as he stirs our public profile and looks after all aspects of our interest in all things motorcycling.  Sound like a lot ?  You need to meet Vince.  Welcome back Vincenzo...( not that you really went away ).

. Cheryl's stepped up to take care of all things social, which is great.  Just remember, that for these things to happen, YOU need to get involved.  She'll be speaking with you all some time soon, just to let you know the plans over the coming year and answering all the questions you have on why you should come out and get involved ?  Great to see Cheryl back too.  Hopefully she can lead us back to V2 ( great moniker by the way )...

Finally, thanks to those who thought enough to bring me back.  I'm keen as mustard, and looking forward to a great year of new and exciting challenges, and most of all, your support in having a bit of Ducati based fun.

Be good, ride safe.
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OUR clubs AGM meeting today
« Reply #1 on: 03 Jul 2011, 06:04 PM »
Can I just thank all of those who came to OUR clubs AGM today supporting it the way its supported you all over the years and ill share my own good news Ive been elected and have accepted as OUR clubs new vice president but I'm not sharing the other great news and new committee staff chosen so you will all need to wait until this sites updated and or you come along to club rides the only bad news for those who still attend rides is coming soon too!!! :o so I'm asking from the bottom of my heart to please support our club more by attending rides, weekends away or even our breakfasts!!
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