Author Topic: Racing Type Events in the Hunter Region, Cars Only  (Read 2062 times)

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Racing Type Events in the Hunter Region, Cars Only
« Reply #1 on: 01 Mar 2011, 05:38 PM »
With the discussion re an upcoming hillclimb at Bulahdelah (you can't go as it is a club ride day, OK!) it occurs to me that most people don't know we have a decent smattering of racing style events going on in the local area. The King Edward Hillclimb charges an entry fee but the rest are all free to attend. They're a nice day out, particularly if you have kids because cars tearing around and making a racket always fascinate youngsters, and most of the rest of us! Usually they will bung on a Lions Club lunch or similar at reasonable prices so it is pretty easy to wile away a few hours. Typically qualifying starts around 9:30am and the main action is from 11am to 3pm, sometimes it goes as late as 4:30pm if there are bigger fields or serious prangs.

These events come off the CAMS NSW Stewards list, typically 3 or 4 changes occur during the year so you need to check the event schedule with preferably the club websites as listed or the main CAMS one, also listed but maybe not up to date. It is strange that the upcoming Bulahdelah hillclimb isn't listed anywhere except by the promoter, they would HAVE to have a CAMS permit. Anyway, that is irrelevant as you ain't going!

Edit: If you are wondering what the different event types mean there is a brief description here and

These are the notes so you can grab the links off them:

Note: Awaba = Awabawac Park which is the right turn just after the Rathmines (on left) exit off the main road heading south out of Toronto. This is approx 500m up on the left, just after the shooting club. If you get to the tip you went too far! See  
Ringwood is 20km north of Raymond Terrace, turn left on Italia Road and the entry is 200m up on left. See
Check event changes at
Bold underline means Vince is a CAMS steward at the event, rock on down and say G'Day!

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