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Hi Vince and Frances,

Iwill be coming away on weekend but might have beeen a misunterstanding as I said I would book closer to the day.

If I am the John B on the list I should be (not confirmed)

Anyway see you on the saturday



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Just to make it simple, for overflow accommodation these are a short stagger away (less than two blocks, see ):

Pictures of all the pubs listed below can be seen here: ; the distance from Jack Duggan pub is as estimated

200m: Kings On George Hotel ($55 - $75)

250m: Park Hotel ($65 - $75)
201 George St Bathurst NSW 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 3399

300m: Knickerbocker Hotel ($70 - $100) or

350m: Edinboro Castle Hotel
134 William Street, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, 2795  Ph: (02) 6331 5020‎

400m: Bathurst Motor Inn

500m: The Family Hotel
Bentinck St Bathurst NSW 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 1353
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Hi All. thanks for your positive input at breakfast today; and as a result here's the arrangements for Accommodation for our "Dog(gies) Gone Bathurst" weekend.  
(note: for ride details for the trip see here, the below topic is just for the accommodation)

Jack Duggan's Irish Pub,  135 George Street, BATHURST.  You can check it out on  

I have reserved ALL the available accommodation at the pub; which consists of the following:
   1 x 12 bed "dormitory" @ $25.00 per person/bed.
   2 x double bedrooms (i.e. 1 x double bed each room) @ $65.00 per room - assumed reserved for couples.  
   2 x tri-bedrooms (i.e. 1 x double bed & 1 x single bunk bed) @ $65 + $30 per extra person (assumed reserved for couples and/or lady riders?)    
   1 x family room (i.e. 1 x double bed & 4 single beds) @ $65 + $30 per extra person.
Reservations so far:
Dorm room/beds:  
  • Glenn L  (confirmed)
  • Russell C (confirmed)
  • Ian M (confirmed)
  • Bruce C (confirmed)
  • John B (staying with family)
  • Mick B (confirmed)
  • Others (You know who you are!) (to make own arrgts and come anyway)

Double rooms etc (we have an overflow plan):
  • Frances & Vince S (confirmed)
  • Grahame H & Friend (confirmed)
  • Ian & Melissa (confirmed)
  • Julie S  (confirmed)
  • Other Couples (You know who you are!) (to make own arrgts and come anyway)

I have laid down a $200.00 deposit to cover the bookings, so it is essential that everyone who wants to come please RSVP your accommodation requirements to me by this Friday, 12th March  as I have to confirm numbers with the pub, so they can release the rooms we will not be requiring.   No further money needs to be exchanged until arrival. Please note that "confirmed" means you have told me you want the accommodation and agree to pay for cancellation as per below should it occur for any reason.

On Arrival:
Everyone pays for their own accommodation at the point of arrival, according the room/bed type they have reserved.  

Dinner & Show:
I have made a preliminary group reservation in the pub restaurant for 7.30pm.  Everyone to pay for their own meals & drinks.   Dinner is followed by free "U2 tribute Show" in the pub (being Irish, St Patrick's Day (week) and all!).   You are at liberty of course to spend the evening as you wish.  

Bike Parking - Overnight Security:
The pub closes & locks its rear access at 9pm at night; at this point they allow bikes to be parked in the beer garden, and this area is then locked up.  The Pub caretaker will let us out in the morning whatever time we require.

Individual Cancellation/No Show:
If you have reserved a room/bed and do not show up on the 20th for the ride, it would be considered "good grace" if you would still pay for the room c/ Frances as any "absences" will be deducted from the deposit I have paid. Ok?  

Wet Weather/ Trip Cancellation:
In case of wet weather / catastrophes strike and the weekend is cancelled altogether, $200 deposit is our total loss; therefore, we will split the $200 between those who were booked to attend, which should amount to no more than $15 each.  OK - sound fair?

You are free to find accommodation as you wish, but if you would like to stay with the group, and you haven't already,
please let Frances know your accommodation requirements ASAP & definitely BEFORE 10pm this Friday, 12th March. Thanks!  

Any hassles you can email here at doggies as:   or call/text my mobile: 0438 450 810.
Looking forward to seeing you all, Saturday 20th, 9am (departure) at Freemans, and all stops hence!!

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