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Re: Club Newsletter - May 2008
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Just a quick note to let you know that this Sunday is a bit SPECIAL. Sure we are promised sunshine which is always good. We are having a Hunter DOG's club breakfast at the sixteen footer's sailing club in Belmont at 9am so you can indulge in a bit of chatter with fellow Ducati owners on one of these pleasant and popular starts to the day. But if you are a current member there is a bonus issue of Ducati Desmo Club membership regalia AND some items to celebrate Casey Stoner and Ducati's world championship victory. Afterwards, riding over to Latins by the Lake is on the cards for those that wish to go.

So, bring your membership card along and you will get the 2008 Desmo club badge, sew on patch and sticker PLUS a thing that sorta looks like it might be meant to be either a silk scarf or maybe a bar mat, and a classy stick on plastic Ducati 1 decal that appears to be for sticking on our bikes, and a similar pin on badge.

These items are in limited supply and will be issued on a first come basis. We had considered posting them but concluded this is a social riding club - it is meant to be more about participation rather than just belonging. If you can't make the breakfast then most likely there will still be some left over at the next club ride so make sure you get along to that (weather permitting!).

Speaking of which it was impressive that we changed the start time AND venue, plus bunged on a bit of rain but still 6 Ducatis turned up for what was a very enjoyable day out dodging rain, at which we were not entirely successful - you can read the tale here So next month we will endeavour to duplicate this feat, minus the rain, and actually go to our intended destination - being the Nabiac National Motorcycle Museum!

That is 9am departure from Beresfield BP (which is at the end of the freeway roundabout, not in Beresfield for those that don't know). Via Clarencetown, Booral and Wootton to pick up some good roads without adding much time, distance is 148km. Stop at Bulahdelah for fuel etc. If we can manage to leave near time and not more than a 20 minute stop we should be there at 11:30am and can easily gawk at bikes for a couple of hours or so. More details here

See you on Sunday hopefully then?

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary
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HunterDOGs November 2007 Newsletter
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G'day  VinceS, Remember getting 2 newsletters in October and not much else after? I hope you have had as much fun as I have while nothing has been getting out the e-door but plenty has been getting out the real one, this is the next bit:

Christmas Party Do, 7pm Sat 1/12/07 At Lake Mac Yacht Club
Firstly, Our Christmas Do is on this coming Saturday night. Yep, I know we said don't leave it to the last minute - but I can see a few have! However, fortunately this is OK - a lot are coming but we can still fit in a few more, and it turns out the Yacht Club are more flexible than we were originally thinking. So if you don't have some ridiculously irrelevant demand from your life beyond Ducatis / unreasonable mother-in-law etc then why not join / make new friends in the local Ducati community at a pleasant evening meal by the shores of Lake Macquarie? Just ring / SMS Frances to let her know you will be coming (on 6592 9706 – Bus hours or Text Me Names: 0438 450 810). More details are here

We are expecting to have a lucky door prize available donated by our good friends at Fraser Motorcycles, yet another reason to come along and enjoy the Christmas cheer!

BBQ at James Place Sunday 9th Dec - this is the new Hunter DOG's Christmas Ride
Now I know if you check the calendar you will find there has been decreed a ride to Patonga, I will fix this and below all up later this evening. But James has had a bit of an unusual situation arise, the long story of which is told here . Now I know James has visions of the seas parting and all his troubles being swept away, but really we're just rocking in for the BBQ and to make a bit of friendly noise in the neighbourhood. So, let's stick with the plan to have a ride on the day leaving Freemans at 10am, but change it from Patonga to James & Nicole's place. Which means we will need to change the ride route, I am thinking a lap of the lake that takes in Mangrove Ck Dam - just to pick up a few twisties to keep a DOG's body supple and get ready for the Christmas cheers, without going too far, might be a good plan....?

This occurs to me (as I type it) to be the stuff of a fine tradition in years to come. We'll simply pick a DOG's place (or nearby park) as a venue for a Christmas BBQ ride, instead of trying to juggle the ride calendar at this tricky time of the year. As long as they have their paw in the air it will all be good. Now all we need is a committee meeting to sanction it and we're away! And some of our further flung members / potential members that read these things to put their hands up would be handy so we have an excuse to visit their neck of the Hunter.

Just by the way, apart from me myself and I (fortunately there is the 3 of me to share the workload) becoming ridiculously busy (plus having to front for the additional activities of me kicking in to the "over 50's" group), we have had a similar thing happen to el Presidenté (without the age bonus of course!) - since Brett has picked up a contract that is keeping him way busier, and therefore him way quieter, than even he ever expected possible. After all those threats of discretely swamping our email (and faces) with Ducati related club stuff he has wound up with the self-neutering option - which he will be updating us on at the Christmas party! Stewart our ride co-ordinator has also wound up with a similar option from different circumstances, I suspect we will see a big come back there soon after Christmas. I look forward to both these gentlemen being a lot more in our hair soon!

Optional Patonga ride on 2/12/07 with Sydney based Ducati Owners & GRO
There is also a bit of confusion reigning about exactly what is going on with the Patonga ride anyway, not of our making, I don't know / much care why it got confusing but that it did, so these are the facts. The usual combined GRO (Girls Ride Out) & NSWDOC BBQ in Patonga is being held on Sunday after the Xmas function (which both NSWDOC and ourselves are having on the same night-before). Except that the Northern Stars (being the Newcastle chapter of GRO) are having their ride to Patonga on the original date, being 9th Dec. We said we may as well meet them there for fish 'n chips, except James has now put on a BBQ and who are we to argue???

So it will be a topic for discussion at our Christmas Party as to who wants to go to Patonga the following day, anything could happen there and I don't personally have a plan at the moment! It is always nice to mix with the "ride to Patonga" group, I have done it many years in a row now and am well disposed to continuing this - but life is a little complex at the moment and last minute plans work well for me!!! So I am arbitrarily suggesting an optional ride down leaving Freemans at 10am for those that wish to go, or simply go for a ride (the BBQ will be set up in the trees on the left immediately you have finished the downhill twisties into Patonga) if the weather is fine and the inclination takes you.

Things that were - Turismo 2007
This, of course, was a fantastic distraction for those that went. There is something about taking the alternate route down the Bonang Hwy and being confronted by a sign saying "105km twisting road", in a 100km/hr limited zone, and then being confronted with a continuous sequence of 35km/hr corners nose to tail for the full length on a sunny day on very predictable good road surface where it was only rare brief moments that one could physically exceed the speed limit if one chose to, why can't all roads be built like this??? These are memories to last a lifetime - and most suitable to pull out for inspection when things are not so cheery.

However, I can't provide a link to the story as I haven't written it yet! (and don't know anyone else that has...), I haven't even put up the pics. However, let me say it was with pride we saw one of our own take out the classic sports bike award at the Concourse. Yep, at the main event gala dinner Hunter DOGgie Russell Carr was one of only 5 called up to receive the prestigous honour of taking out a Concourse Award from the 300 and something Ducatis attending. More later...(when I don't know, house building is a highly distracting activity!)

Washing Tips - Regalia
Yep, you get the full package with the DOGs, even domestic stuff! It was great for Bruce Chippington to pull out all stops and make this happen in the first place. Now, here is a little tip I posted in case you missed it: "Freshly returned from Turismo with appropriately sweaty Doggies regalia and washed the lot - separated the colours etc. However, the shirt which looks just fine contains both red and white material and the red can affect the white. So, with the first wash put a couple of sheets of colour catcher in, about $10 for a box of these in any supermarket - then you won't be needing to put it through the wash a few more times to get rid of the pink bleed over as I am, and I still may need to use one of those run remover packs which cost a fair bit more than the colour catchers!" Then, of course, with your new HunterDOGs regalia looking as fresh as the day you got it domestic bliss will be yours for sure......

Streuth, time has got away from me, maybe I will come back and do part 2 of this Newsletter, and maybe............. but by the time we see you for the Christmas do  you will know!!!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary
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HunterDOGs October 2007 Newsletter #2
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G'day VinceS, I hope you enjoy the next HunterDOG newsletter as they are likely to start shrinking a bit which is explained at the bottom; here it is:

Smiths Lake ride this Sunday 21/10/07
Last year we didn't get there due to the heat, so the date has been brought forward a bit since it is a really nice ride and destination - via East Gresford, Dungog, Stroud, Booral, Bulahdelah and Bungwahl, lunch in Smiths Lake (actually it is lunch ON the lake). Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 10am departure (unless rain prevents). See ya's there.

Club Regalia - Last chance is this Sunday to get your orders in
Actually, quite a few have put in substantial orders already - but the supplier orders are being finalised on Monday night to ensure we have a bunch of smart Dogs at Turismo. So, don't miss out - get in on the inaugural supply whether you are going to make it to The Big One or not, as minimum order quantities ensure it will be a fair time between orders.......Check the pictures and details here:

Ducati Turismo 11-15 November 2007 Albury to Thredbo
Speaking of Turismo it is getting closer. Hooray. And quite a few doggies are going to this fantastic Ducati holiday adventure too, hardly a surprise really! If you are still thinking about it and teetering on the edge go here  and sign up now - the rest will drop into place as you get hooked in to the fun and frivolity of it all!

Other Events in November
You may note from the calendar that we are up for a busy month! There is the Sydney Bike Show, then Turismo followed by the club ride to Wollombi (purely because many won't be feeling like a big one, but we can still choose if we arrive from the north, south or east - which we will do on the day, unless Stuie has put his foot down in the mean time and decreed it!). Then there is the 101 Ducatis ride on the 25th, it is a good excuse to spend Sat night in a Sydney hotel / stay with family. Hang on I just checked the NSWDOC site and the 101 Ducati ride seems to have been blown up - it has apparently turned into a wizard lizard ride to our back door (Blue Tongue Brewery in the Hunter). The 101 is certainly on the calendar I have on the fridge! I guess this is now a "stay tuned" topic as undoubtedly it has been rescheduled.....

Recent Events Roundup
Despite Thunder Rally clashing with the last breakfast quite a few made it to the 16 footers, and sorted out the regalia while they were at it - good work everybody especially Bruce! I was off at the Rally enjoying the best weather, a remarkably good entertainer, great company and all the other bits that come with a good weekend away. Unfortunately it was too good - and on Sunday morning I got the bright idea to go the back way to Scone, the locals assured me the 20km of dirt was in great condition. Not a care in the world - until I discovered you can get flat tyres in an 800km new tyre that even 3 repair plugs won't keep the air in! At least I made it back to the highway and wound up with a trip home in the back of the NSWDOC trailer - cured from ever wanting to ride sports bikes on minor dirt roads again......! And greatly appreciative of the time and inconvenience to Panorkle and Leon who squeezed me in the 2 cab ute.
Prior to these events was last month's club ride to the NSWDOC Concourse. A great Ducati Day out indeed. I was watching the Kurri Kid's trouncing of the field with Scotty last weekend, he was home in Barnsley which is something that is happening with ever greater frequency now, thankfully. Anyway, he gave me a cd with Concourse photos on it which shortly I will go and load a few of here Now it hasn't happened yet, and it may not be done until the morning so please be patient (like you were awake now anyway? - I did start doing this at 8pm you know, there have been distractions!).
Scottie Is Back, Sorta
Let me take a minute to talk about Scottie, something I haven't formally done for a while now - because a) he can do it himself, and b) mostly people know what's going on! But in case you fit in c) as in neither of the above, things are rolling along nicely. There is no possibility Scott would have got to where he is today without the brilliant and determined effort Paula has been putting in on a daily basis. Which Scottie is now fortunately able to chip in and join with her as they slowly drag him out of the bind he has been in. And of course a whole bunch of encouragement and participation from the wider Ducati community amongst others has only been a help.
Whilst Scott may have proudly announced that he managed to walk 150m unaided the other day it is still a long way from the effortless task that this is for the rest of us. So it will be a while before he can flick the chair. He is getting a custom red jobbie made up, there is a ramp to get into their house now and extensions are about to start to set the house up so he can live there properly, which pretty well sets the timetable for when he can move back in to the family home as some time early next year. Currently they can borrow the Rehab Centre's bus and get him home most weekends, but soon a properly set up people mover is going to be purchased to do the job for now and AR (After Ryde). Also he has found out that he may be allowed to drive cars in the forseeable future, but he has to wait at least a year before he is allowed to ride again. I am expecting there will come a time when the requests for a bit of pillioning will become a deafening roar - on the way to club rides, passing through Barnsley!
As Scott will tell you "mate, I've got a brain injury, some of this stuff doesn't work so sh.t hot!". It is a regular frustration to him and I don't know the half of it. But his old sense of humour is very much returning, and he knows who his friends are so is at least feeling reasonably good a lot of the time. If you want to ring him I'm sure it would be appreciated, his phone is turned on a lot more these days........

Great Ocean Road - been there? Take a look
This is a safety video, but really it is a great insight to this fabulous road. I remember sticking a couple of Japanese twins on a trailer a few years back purely to go down there for a ride. MUST go back and do it properly with a Ducati soon! Can't see why we couldn't manage a Turismo to take it in some time, although I am still hanging out for the NZ option that got canned 3 years ago..... Sheeeet, I was just listening to it on the other screen while typing this - they have knocked the limit down to 80km/hr, spoilsports!!!

Stoner - You Rippa!
Of course there is going to be a party. We're invited!

Motorcycling Australia Newsletter 5/10/07
Lots of good stuff.;topicseen#msg477

CTP Greenslips
The MCC of NSW has set up a sub comittee to work on this and I have wound up on it! The really short story is this is a serious issue, prices are set to skyrocket and you will have noticed they are well on the way up now. Despite some pretty serious lobbying by the motorcycle community we are being treated extremely poorly by the politicians and bureacrats. In fact if I wrote what I thought of what I have seen from official quarters the edges of your monitor would curl up! So we are in the process of sorting out a good offensive strategy, to the extent that an unfunded voluntary organisation can. However I have been tangled up in it for a while now and I can see there are some good tactical  thinkers in amongst the group, so there is hope. However, I suspect more dissapointment will arrive first....

Ducati "Shed" Construction
OK - this is a personal issue, and I am just being a brazen hussy for anybody that has managed to read this far without falling asleep. I need a better shed (c/w house) and have got fed up with being amazed at how much builders can jack the price up so have decided to build it myself (ie owner builder). With of course Frances' kind care and attention - and good taste guidance! This is the one we want to live in until the kids drag us off kicking and screaming to the nursing home, so we want to get it right. Plenty of room to hold Ducatis - in surroundings to which they should be accustomed, of course you understand...... But what it means is I will run out of "spare" time - and newsletters are likely to become a bit iffy / really late (like this one!) / one line reminders about rides, which of course are the important things anyway! Also, the brazen bit - if there is anyone that wants to tell me about their / family / friend / whatever good quality services at the right price I'm really keen to hear.  I am easy to work with - as long as you don't scratch the bike! Digging starts next week.........
Oh yeah, and let me put in a plug for the most brilliant combo building / bike / general purpose box trailer I have seen. Really solid construction and good pricing too. Check these people out, he is Sydney based but delivering to Newcastle turned out to be no problem as they are regularly up here. Michael is the owner and a rider - tell him I sent you! This is one of the totally cool things about being an owner builder - you get to buy really great tools!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary

Oh yeah, and there was this mini release:

Sent: Friday, 12 October, 2007 2:36 PM

G'day Everybody, this is a special announcement just to help make you look and feel good. Especially you, VinceS:

Yes, a fantastic line-up of Hunter DOGs regalia is now ready for you to order. Bruce has been busy sorting out the final details, now it is up to us to get our orders in - quickly! Bruce will be finalising the placement of the initial order on Monday week. This is the day after the next club ride (to Smiths Lake) so that is the last chance to get your order in, it will ensure goods are available in time for you to look cool at Turismo.

It has been a bit hectic sorting this one, Bruce is looking forward to a much more relaxed pace for the next order, whenever that may be.....? But the pricing is good at $32 for top quality poly cotton polo shirts in ladies and gents cuts, $22 for the very swish T shirts, $20 for the well made cloth caps, $8 for the unique stubby holders and $5 a pack of 4 stickers. Postage can be arranged as per the form, but we will sort something out to meet your Turismo needs.

So, download the form from the About Us page now, direct link is:

Either fill out the form and preferably email it to Bruce and do a direct deposit to the bank, or post it with a cheque or preferably money order to our new PO Box 743 Warners Bay 2282. Or pay direct and fax to the number below.

We need to make minimum order quantities of 10 for each of the polo shirt types, and 20 for the T shirts, so please buy up big. And don't forget the caps, stubby holders and stickers, you will need lots of these too! We can't guarantee there will be another buying opportunity before Christmas so it would be a good idea to think ahead and get some fine regalia for that too........

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary
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Re: Club Newsletter - October 2007
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From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 05 October, 2007 12:48 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs October Newsletter

G'day VinceS, Another HunterDOGs newsletter for your Ducati enjoyment:

Thunder Rally 6th - 7th October 2007 is nearly here
The weather is going to be brilliant for riding as it often is this time of year, the video recorders will be whirring to save the start of Bathurst 1,000 (as we will be home in plenty of time to watch the last half). And a whole bunch of Ducatis will be thundering to Sheba Dam for the frivolities that await there. The camping gear is ready and I plan to ride up with the main NSWDOC contingent, joining them on the Putty at Bulga servo around 10:15am - then we go the back way to Denman, Merriwa, Scone and New England Highway to Nundle. If anyone else wishes to join this group either meet on the Putty, or give us a call on 0414 706 875 or email and we will sort something out. With the temptations of Bathurst this weekend, Phillip Island the following weekend for Casey Stoner to show off a bit for the home crowd since he doesn't have to bother with the championship now, and of course the Hunter DOGs ride to Smiths Lake the weekend following that I 'm not sure how many will be out riding, but around 150 usually make it to the dam - are you going to join us?

Ducati Turismo 11-15 November 2007 Albury to Thredbo
Online registration is available now for this fantabulous Ducati holiday adventure, go here to sign up now - and invite a friend while you are at it. I am joining the 35+ crowd departing Sydney on Fri morning 9/11/07 and running down the coast and across the Alpine region in the days prior. I know we have other members going to Albury direct on Sunday plus others are departing on Saturday. If you are going to get away for this then please either post what you are thinking here or let me know and I will see about coordinating something. But get your ticket to ride in and the rest will be a beauty! See some of what we got up to last year here: (check this one out first it gives you an idea what it is like).

HunterDOGs Ladies and Gents Shirts, They will be Beauties!
It has taken a bit to get these sorted but Russell is nearly ready to place the first order, which he is keen to do soon. But first he needs a firm commitment for quantities and sizes so could you please send an email to and let him know what you want. Russ says they will be good looking, comfortable good quality white cotton shirts, as befits the sort of motorcycles we ride. The cost is going to be in the vicinity of $45-$50 as these are a considerable step up from your standard poly item. But please drop Russell a note now with qty, gender and size - either a number or where you are in S, M, L, XL etc.

How About Other Regalia Items?
Bruce is very kindly checking them out, see It would be pretty handy if you added any thoughts about this in the note you send to Russell to get your shirt/s ordered.

Club Breakfast 9am Sunday 7th October, Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club
Since this clashes with the Thunder Rally and the Bathurst 1,000 it is likely not too many people will be available for this, since we are hoping for a big attendance to the Thunder Rally, in which case people will be starting the day with a bacon and egg roll around a campfire at the Sheba Dam instead! However, there is no reason for those that don't make it up the big twisty Sheba Dam hill to miss out on a ride Sunday, even if you find numbers are down the 16's view is still great and the food a nice start to the day....standard notice follows:

Rock on down to Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club on Sunday morning for breakky, we would love to have you along. This is a lovely lazy start to a Sunday as the club opens at 9am - The Parade Belmont. Bring the family, friends or kids too and take in the spectacular water views that are Lake Macquarie - and go for an impromptu ride after if you want. The venue has good covered areas with spectacular views so it is suitable in any kind of weather. If the weather is looking a bit uncivilised we will be in the corner under the glass in front of the food servery. Otherwise its the great outdoors under the sails on the back verandah over the lake. The discussion is bound to get around to Ducati goings on but really its just a good excuse to get out and mingle with your fellow Ducatisti! And, if you've got ideas or there is anything you want to bring up about club stuff, what a great opportunity to chip in to help make a great club better.

There are a bunch of interesting bits 'n pieces being posted on the forum now, check out the list of recent ones here I have selected a few posts from after the last newsletter to mention below, but there is more you may care to check out when you get a chance.

Antics and carry on after Ducati and Stoner picked themselves up a World GP Championship

Mid Week Rides
Half his luck, Jas can seem to get out for the occasional mid week ride - if you want to join him details are here:

Motorcycle Insurance write-offs at Pickles Auctions Milperra last thurs of month
Something I discovered earlier this year, could be a way to pick up a bargain for a canny buyer.

Want A Real Motorcycle Holiday - Go to New Zealand!

Motorcycling in Vietnam, How Crazy Does It Get?
Funny pics from our Asian neighbours

DOG Fever is taking off around the Ducati World

Motorcycling Australia Newsletter 21/09/07

Motorcycle Awareness, how about the Leopard Tank solution
It is here:

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary
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Re: Club Newsletter - Archive Copies, 3rd Quarter 2007
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OK, This lot should bring it up to date and they can get filed here as they are issued in future:

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 14 September, 2007 10:32 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs September '07 Newsletter

G'day VinceS,

REPEAT ANNOUNCEMENT 1: Club Ride September Sun 16/09/07, DOC NSW Concours d’Elegance Ryde
OK, so here's ANOTHER reminder to start off with, but an extra thing has happened. Darren Lewis has joined as the new Newcastle Frasers manager and will be along for the day out with some of the boys from Frasers. Can't tell you how pleased those of us that have met Darren are about his general approach and capabilities, and his interest in Ducatis particularly - well yes I can, but you will soon see for yourself. So don't miss this one:

REPEAT ANNOUNCEMENT 2: Thunder Rally 6th - 7th October 2007
Yet another reminder - this co-incides with the Oct breakfast so I am kinda thinking the breakfast will not be so well attended this month. It would certainly be a good thing to experience if you can make this event, and maybe we are ready to have a crack at knocking off the biggest club attendance award. Either get your camping gear together (as I will again this year) or woose out and book in the Peel Inn, Motel, or On-Site Vans (as I have also done in previous years!). It is a pleasant easy trip up Thunderbolts and around the back roads to dodge Tamworth. Get your entry form and more details here:

Street Riding - "The Pace" and What Club Rides Are All About
This Article by a 30 year old American rider is an excellent demonstration of how club riding can be both responsible and fun. It is very much the mentality behind why we have set up the club rides as they are, aiming towards generally grouping people together and have them ride smoothly and confidently while immensly enjoying the experience. Practically people are in different skill zones at any particular time so what tends to happen is grouping of people in similar areas, and we try and have it that the total group is fairly cohesive. Out in the real world with traffic, weather, navigational issues and whatever it is not practical to do this all the time. But I figured it was time to share this as I suddenly realised that for most this would not be something they have heard of before. Please read the whole story here and join in the fun:

Labour Day Ride to Road Warriors Cafe - 1st October 2007 - midday
See for an annoncement I just rec'd. If someone wants to organise a group ride down, go for it - or rock on down and join in the fun.

Cockfighter Creek Tavern Bulga - Invitation / Ride destination
We rec'd the following invitation: At the very least we should work this into the monthly ride calendar. But it sounds like a great excuse for an impromptu ride anyway.

Scotty Update
As many would know Scott and family are still up against the hard end of the recovery process, but he is starting to get out more and interrelate with people which is great. Some of the old Scottie humour is starting to surface again, and his barely contained irritation with the bits 'n pieces of living with the injuries he has sustained is something he is working hard on to conquer them and get whatever the best outcome possible is. But he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his friends, that much is blindingly apparent - so if you can go out of your way sometime along the way to put in a bit there it can only be a good thing for everybody. Some details of recent outings and banter are here:

How to fix noisy Ducati Clutches, if you don't believe this is "character"
Yep, great 'though these Ducati motorcycles are, there is a real love / hate thing going on with clutch noise. Early on in my indoctrination to Ducatis (in 2002) I soon found I fitted in the latter category for this piece, and the former for pretty well the rest of the whole shebang. I stumbled around stirring the can at Frasers and making wtf type noises for a while before finally the whole thing gelled as to exactly what was going on technically. What this process ultimately achieved was me fixing my clutch up so it was an absolute beauty, and Frasers black banning the original faulty quieting down procedure nation wide! So I figured it was time to fess up and put my knowledge down for all to use as they see fit - if you want that permanent cheap fix to the noise, and extended clutch life to boot, details are here:

Eastern Creek NFI Supported Ride Day Sat 29 September Added + 3/9 & 19/10/07

The Great Greenslip Rip-Off Campaign is Under way
I have ended up as the nominated MCC champion for this cause and been doing a fair bit of stirring as a consequence. At the moment, all we know for sure is it looks like the s%&*t is going to be pretty deep! Details are here

Motorcycle Accessory bargains, from Aldi - who'd a thought it eh....?
In this commercial world we live in it is always a good thing to encourage competition for we consumer types, don't you reckon? I can only say if you're not a brand tragic the gear Aldi is selling here is of surprisingly good quality and we picked up a couple of items - what I really wanted was one of their $300 gen sets which I now have and can only say it appears to be an absolute beauty! And the other surprising thing, as I went round hassling the many fellow motorcyclists hanging around the gear stand (I was looking for the owner of the ST3 parked out front, but never found them) that everybody else said they were BMW riders, I am still smiling about that one!

New Kaneg Online Store
Along the same product competitive lines Kaneg have expanded their motorcycling offerings. I am not sure exactly where it is at now for club discounts as per earlier info from Pete & Joy, but it would be well worth asking. Check it out here

That 1098 is quite a machine:
Yeah, back to the really important stuff now - Brett has written up his test ride experience, it is obvious this motorcycle has a big emotional effect on it's riders since we are both amongst the lucky locals who have been smitten by it! Catch his story here: (We're still wondering where the test ride t shirts got to - a great way to prolong and spread the joy, if it happens as surely it will....)

Desmo Owners Club News - 7/09/07 sent to everybody enrolled with Ducati
I am noticing there is a change at Desmo HQ, to communicating directly with Ducati owners rather than relying on club presidents / friends to pass it on. It is blindingly obvious that many clubs don't provide the excellent infomatorial services you get right here with the DOGgies. However, I am not personally a big fan of doubling up info "to be sure" (except where that is an expected thing as it is for some recipients of these newsletters). So, unless it is a bona fide Desmo Club utterance I won't be updating these further. If you didn't get an email from Ducati earlier today (with non-working links!!!) and one on 7/09/07 as posted here then you better go sign up for them yorself which can happen here

Motorcycling Australia Newsletter - September 2007

ST Header Pipe Damage?
Cheap and easy fix from Moore's Mufflers Broadmeadow:

How are your video skills? Motorcycling promo video competition from MCC
Last year's Naked Riders skit was astonishingly successful and will be hard to top (catch it here if you haven't already ). But details are here if you wanna have a go:

Stolen 900SS
S&$!*t happens - Brian from/in Mooloolaba Qld has asked us to keep an eye out for his stolen '82 900SS. Classic silver, blue pin stripes. See for details:

See you on Sunday then, weather permitting.......!!!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 31 August, 2007 1:02 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Breakfast This Sunday, Plus a bunch of Ducati News

G'day VinceS,

Oh Floowup, I forgot to put the breakfasts back up on the web site calendar now that they are back on, apart from putting a highlighted note on the front page that is! Plus Brett has just started an "away" job so he hasn't got a chance to put out a reminder either - So maybe some haven't realised there is a breakfast on this Sunday and hence here is that reminder! Please note that you can't expect me/us to always lob out reminders, I ain't that organised so you need to be! Ride days too - I am happy to just make it there when permitted by life / weather / bike, which fortunately is most of the time! Next one is a 9:30am start (ie half hour early) to make it down to the NSWDOC Concourse in time.

There is a bonus reason to make it to breakfast this time in that Scott will be there, that's what he just told me. So if you would like to catch up with him again, here's your big chance, I KNOW he'd be happy to see you regardless of how long it's been. Not to mention the pleasant surroundings, fantastic views, nice cheap yet delicious breakfast menu and Ducati-centric friends that make a great start to the day. Last month there were about a dozen that made it, most rode but this is not essential - but it made the car park look pretty nice! And if you like, maybe per last month a bit of a ride after and a chat at the Paterson pub which lasted all day for those that were this way inclined afterwards....or any other destination / excuse of course....

You may have noticed that the main web page has got a bit better of late? It is now showing advanced notice "click pics" for upcoming major events that you should put in your diary and keep up on. Also the Discussion forum summary shows more posts and the titles are of the post instead of the topic. Did you know that it will keep track of the posts you have / haven't read if you log in (tick Forever) - and the only reason you get these emails is because you are registered on the forum, so if you have forgotten your password just hit reply to this message and tell me, it is easy to fix up. Adverts still don't work - I got a bit closer but am still trying to figure out how to avoid re-typing the stuff that was there before!

There has been a fair bit of news in the last fortnight so I will do a bit of a mini-update as well, here it is:

Club Ride September Sun 16/09/07, DOC NSW Concours d’Elegance Ryde
OK, so here's ANOTHER reminder to start off with, but an extra thing has happened. Darren Lewis has joined as the new Newcastle Frasers manager and will be along for the day out with some of the boys from Frasers. Can't tell you how pleased those of us that have met Darren are about his general approach and capabilities, and his interest in Ducatis particularly - well yes I can, but you will soon see for yourself. So don't miss this one:

Thunder Rally 6th - 7th October 2007
Yet another reminder - this co-incides with the Oct breakfast so I am kinda thinking the breakfast will not be so well attended this month. It would certainly be a good thing to experience if you can make this event, and maybe we are ready to have a crack at knocking off the biggest club attendance award. Either get your camping gear together (as I will again this year) or woose out and book in the Peel Inn, Motel, or On-Site Vans (as I have also done in previous years!). It is a pleasant easy trip up Thunderbolts and around the back roads to dodge Tamworth. Get your entry form and more details here:

Last Month's Ride Report to Wisemans
A good collection fronted on what was going to be a marginal weather day, it was great riding to the half way house and we should have called it a day there, but those of us that figured we would go the whole distance got an extra lesson in bike washing for our trouble, plus got to fine tune our wet weather skills somewhat on the slippery roads / bridges / ferry ramps etc plus there were tales of leather blimping from Brett who has sworn off getting the bike out of the shed if there is any sign of bad weather around!

We have all agreed this was the last time that we are going to NOT learn that, if the weather looks marginal, CHANGE THE PLAN!!!!!!!! So, from now on if the weather is good enough to make it to the departure point rest assured that our ride coordinator Stuart will NOT ALLOW us to take on a ride that is heading for rain / heat / wind / distracting beauty pageants / whatever - see his report here There are a few pics of the initial part of the day here too: - plus you may note I forgot the camera for the breakfast pics beforehand and rushed off a couple of quickies on the mobile phone, after nearly everybody left!

ICE Your Mobile, It is a good thing every biker should do - RIGHT NOW!!
Put in ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers, it can only help you when/if you need it most:

Eastern Creek NFI Supported Ride Day Sat 29 September Added + 3/9/07 & 19/10/07
Weekend track day added, now THAT has to be a tempting proposition:

Ducati Turismo 9th to 16th Nov 2007 Albury to Thredbo, the long way - let's go!
I am going to take Friday off and join our friends from Sydney for this fantastic adventure, Are you coming too?

NDR European Style - A Little Bit Up Market, And Everything Else Too!!!
Relative to what goes on in Europe, our NDR's are pretty tame, maybe we need to take a leaf out of their books when our turn comes?:

Sick of Paying TOOO Much For Green Slips? Well it is Set Up To Get A Lot Worse!!!
After the initial help people provided gathering Green Slip info together it was clear the price is getting jacked up unfairly. The MCC (Motor Cycle Council) of NSW put together a brilliant submission together on the topic. What they then discovered is that the price of motorcycle green slips is set to sky rocket over the next 5 years so it is going to become a really hot topic for the motorcycling community. Coincidentally I was just sorting out how the MCC delegate part of what the club does should be administered and got caught up in this topic. It has lead to our club spear heading the initial lobby effort - and receiving lots of accolades from our motorcycling mates in the process, which is always nice. Check out the whole story here:

Hypermotard & 1098 Test Rides - Initial Impressions
Now since I went to the "trouble" to test ride these fine machines, I figured I should make a few notes:

Desmo Owners Club News Updates
A couple more Desmo News letters have rolled in:

Police Entrapment Operation on Putty and Wollombi to Broke Roads
These people think this is a good idea, can't say I agree with them. So watch out wherever you ride as all that will happen now they have set up for this sort of entrapment operation is that the location will change with time. The bizarre thing is I have seen one of these cars recently, I think this was on the last club ride which was to this area but I didn't think anything of it except that it looked weird, must have been behaving (as always - what's that you say?):

Motori d'Italia at Lansvale 23rd Sept 2007 (NOT the Concourse, but go anyway!)
If you can't get enough of all things Italian motorised you can pig out some more here:

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter, Secretary

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 17 August, 2007 7:47 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs August Newsletter

G'day VinceS,

This HunterDOGs newsletter is about another bunch of Ducati interesting stuff that is going on. But first have you met the new committee? Mug shots here - or better still, get aquainted properly on Sunday when we all go here:

Club Ride This Sunday 18/08/07 to Wisemans Ferry
via Broke, Milbrodale, Putty Rd Half Way House for morning tea, then Colo, Wisemans for lunch, return via Yarramalong Valley. Stuart (our new ride coordinator, ring him on ) has already realised one of his top jobs is to arrange for a nice sunny day and says here he has got right on it: Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks Servo for 10am departure (unless rain prevents).

We had a really great ride to Chichester dam last month - 12 bikes in all enjoyed the sunshine, photos are here The funniest thing was that Stuart had made a "clerical error" and was not amongst us, something he realized with good humoured disappointment when a whole bunch of us rang him on speaker phone from Dungog to ask him which way we should ride home....?!!

By the way, Is this Correspondence A Surprise?
Have You Been Wondering where the Hunter DOGs Went To? I had the "joy of discovery" event some time soon after the last (13/07/07) newsletter was issued that it is now a widespread practice with shared web server hosts to limit group email dispatches to 20 at a time. This is to avoid them inadvertently hosting spammers. Sure it is in the fine print of the agreement but are YOU the one person on the planet that reads these? Not me!

The errors didn't really say the newsletters weren't going out and certainly a lot of people were getting them, but who knows how many missed out, sorry if you were one. My only clue was a "zero sized response from squid", I thought that might be something you ate! (as any self-respecting Ducati rider does for those "other bikes" whenever we sniff out some decent corners). Alas it meant it had reached a point where nobody else was going to get a newsletter - and it stopped talking to anybody (as opposed to those "other bikes" that just talk among themselves in wonder!).

This has now been fixed as the limit has been lifted to the maximum possible of 400/hour - please make sure to let me know if you don't get this one (no excuses, you've been told now). For those that haven't had newsletters in the last whatever, please note that most of the info in them is scattered around the forum. Just check out for all the Ducati-centric local news and chatter over a quiet cuppa sometime, and feel free to join in. If you don't remember your id details or you want a copy of any / all of the original newsletters or whatever, just send me an email and I will fix it up.

Web Site Changes and assorted Calamities
Now we are officially - and we can run the old one ( in parallel for no additional cost. This changed web address was done to improve search results and resolve a couple of local identity issues. Basically the cost to do the job properly is now much less than it was at club inception, so the bullet has been bit! The new and old addresses are totally interchangeable, but obviously the new one will be favoured whenever a choice exists in future so you should change your favourites to suit.

You may have noticed that the web site itself has suffered greatly for a couple of weeks or so, progressively getting worse - and we even lost email for a short period in there. This came about initially as a result of concern that the newsletter system may not have been operating as flawlessly as we thought, so I asked a couple of questions. These lead to people fixing the email limit up, but totally torching the site in their desire to help when they tried to fix a minor problem I had with making changes to the site at the same time as they had a server hardware failure. The breakdown was a nuisance, but the website really got taken out by people not fully understanding the consequences of Microsoft's decision a year ago to abandon Front Page 2003, after 9 years of development - just when they got it working almost flawlessly!

Unfortunately the whole guts 'n garters side of this sorry tale has cost me more time and effort than I would have believed possible, and we ain't quite there yet! But at least it is all working again and we are on a squeaky brand new server with the latest software on it. One small issue is that the advert system doesn't work yet as it only runs on php 4, but we have php 5 now (unbelievably not backwards compatible!). I have installed a different advert system but it gives an error, should be going soon enough when I get a couple of q's answered, but probably any existing ads are lost.

All this exercise has ultimately done is teach me some stuff I didn't ever want to know, and bought us some time - but guaranteed that it has to all change again in the not too distant future. Certainly welcome any ideas / suggestions / requests for bits, the thing has to be completely re-done and it will only be better if more people contribute to that.

How's Scott Travelling?
Well, as many of you know Scotty is starting to get a bit more active and out some. It is no bed of roses for him or anyone else in the family, but at least the recuperative effort lets him get out in the real world a bit more.

Last Sunday it was the Girls Ride Out (Northern Stars) 4th Anniversary ride to Wollombi, Scott has been to every one so far and he wasn't going to let this one get away without turning up on his shiny red machine. Albeit that this year it was on a deep red wheelchair, nowhere near as beautiful as the Ducati red machine he got out on last year! There are a couple of pics here:

One of the things we're hearing from Scott a fair bit is about the 1098 he wants to ride when he finally manages to free himself from the wheelchair. Scott has said that he doesn't want a trike because "he's not gay!!" He says that its either a 1098 or nothing!! Now this would not be an easy outcome to get, but I have done a bit of digging and found out that is actually possible. If Scotty can do his bit to regain the strength, flexibility and control (plus speed / appropriateness of thought) he would need to do it, then it appears there are several possible ways to get something sorted to handle the transition. Renting a trike will be the first step, and if that doesn't make him gay then this is what else is around: This bolts onto pretty well any bike with a double sided swingarm and converts it into a trike. They don't say anything about single sided swing arms (like the 1098 is) but of course an ST3S would be suitable (and a lot more comfortable). These kits allow the bike to lean a little bit (~12 degrees) which is better than what happens for a trike, but would be a noticeable limitation for long term use although still the best option if he couldn't manage any more. However, it would be a really excellent way to manage a transition to normal riding, if it is likely that would be achievable. Once the main brackets are installed on the bike the wheels can be put on / removed very quickly by a quick disconnect mechanism they have so the transition period can go on for ages if desired.

I have checked with Voyager, while they haven't done it for a sports bike yet they have done single sided tourers so it would probably just be a matter of time (at least 6 months I expect) - if this started to look like a good idea somewhere in the recuperation process. Something funny is going on with the price of these things as it is ~$5,200 + shipping from the Yanks but the Aussie (Victoria) importer wants $9,500 for the identical unit!!! (see Similar to above, the InstaTrike 2 is a bit cheaper but doesn't have any lean capacity built in, this is a more straight down the line flat handling trike conversion - but it is still a quick remove system and could be a useful option. these people have two types of systems. One is for gold wings only ("safe stop") and it has a pair of outriggers that are lifted right out of the way for normal riding and only come down at slow speed (under 30km/hr). The other is for Harleys ( and it is a set of leanable trike wheels that are used to stop the bike falling over but still allowing it to lean, or to be locked in flat trike configuration for slow speed car park situations etc - these ones are always "down", but they flex and set the amount to which the bike can lean to about the same as scraping the foot boards. This one I suspect would be the winner for long term use for security with maximum sense of fun.

Further to the last newsletter, a month has passed and my badgering of the various camera bound participants has produced not a single pixel thus far - I live in hope a few will come down the line someday soon..... But if YOU happen to know where I could lay my hands on some BIG ride group photos please let me know, thank you.

Frasers Update
Now some really interesting things are likely to happen here in the not to distant future. We had a very useful meeting earlier this month but honestly not much has happened - which in large part is due to me doing almost nothing! For which I can only apologize as I have been run over by the steam train of web collapse and needed to nail that one back on the wall plus a couple of other items to deal with before attending to some of my other important promises. But I also need to send this newsletter now and have run out of time! So more of this later - probably lots! The really short story is that there is a lot of interest on both sides in making this work really well, so indeed it will...!!!

Quickly also, have you got a note telling you about the demo fleet coming to town next weekend? I'll be down at Frasers Newcastle 9am Sat 25/08 to try a demo on my next bike, a hypermotard! There are 1098's plus the rest of the model range on demo too. If you haven't booked a spot yet then you better get in quick! Or just rock on down for a sticky beak at proceedings if you would prefer.

Thunder Rally 6th - 7th October 2007
Get your entry form and more details here:

Motorcycling Australia Newsletter - August 2007
Check it out here

Club Ride September Sun 16/09/07, DOC NSW Concours d’Elegance Ryde
Details are out now, don't miss this one:

What Cheeses Me Orf? Spam Phone Calls!!!
More so than the irritation of the above web disaster, it is spam phone calls - it is not as if these people want to offer you half price Ducati Holidays or anything useful like that. Go register your phone number/s here: to delete them, it works!

So, if you've got wheels, ridem - it is the best way. We hope to see you on Sunday then.

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter (Secretary)

From: Brett Roberts []
Sent: Friday, 03 August, 2007 7:59 PM
Subject: Social Breakfast Reminder - Sunday August 5 - 09:00

G’day Everyone,

 Just a quick reminder that the monthly Social Breakfast is scheduled for this Sunday morning at the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club.

If you haven’t had the luxury of being out there yet, you’re missing ;
·         a short ride to the venue
·         enough food to justify the extensive use of alloy and other lightweight components on your Ducati, rather than simply making the total mass of you and the bike after breaky, equal or greater than a GoldWing
·         one of the best views on the lake
·         great company
·         the possibility of a quick group ride some place, to be decided on the day ( no, it’s not the monthly ride day, but it’s another great excuse…)

Look forward to seeing you there.

Brett Roberts
President - Hunter Ducati Owners Group Inc

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 13 July, 2007 2:38 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs July Post AGM Newsletter

G'day Cyber Dog,

It has been a Ducati good week and there's a lot more to come, here is a newsletter with some of the details. Let's start with a quick reminder about this weekend's ride:

July Club Ride - Chichester Dam This Sunday, 15/7/07
This month we are off to Chichester Dam via East Gresford, Dungog and some lovely sweeping well sealed roads to the dam, back to Dungog for lunch. Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 10am departure (unless rain prevents). Let's hope we see as many Ducatis out in the sunshine to Chichester dam as we had pop down to Brooklyn last weekend, all are welcome.

Club AGM held last Sunday, 16 Ft Sailing Club
At 5 past 9 there was only 1 bike (not me!) in the car park of the 16 footers, but by about quarter past we had filled the rest of the director's wall and then some. Brilliant, just brilliant to see it was - thanks to everybody for coming. All up 14 bikes and 4 more car bound people (plus 1 baby, so a special thanks goes to Olivia for not having anything to cry about all morning - way to go babe!). The grown-ups did pretty good too. And, when it came to crunch time, suitable guided by the inimitable chairpersonship skills of Di Scaysbrook, NSWDOC's Madame Prez, 7 of us had our hands up to take on the voluntary committee roles. Really that was 6 in attendance plus Scotty, who we weren't gunna let get out of sticking around and being involved to carry on the good thing he started before that mongrel telegraph pole whopped him big time.

So now we have a new committee, see for details. The missing mug shots will be collected at this Sunday's club ride since SOMEBODY completely forgot to bring their camera on this momentous occasion (sigh, yep - yours truly!). You will also note the tale of the initial history of the club has been told there, since it now appears we are on a really solid and exciting road to build a truly great Ducati riders club, and people may be curious about the humble beginnings long after the rest of us have completely forgotten! When all the original participants have had a chance to check it this can then be handed down as an accurate record to all that ride in the tyre grooves of the first and second birthings of the club - which I would like to think is Those Present for a very long time to come!

I had hoped to properly introduce the new committee in this newsletter for the benefit of those that couldn't be there, however we have been getting quite involved in the bits 'n pieces of follow up activities so we will be doing this later. But let me just share a typical example of what riding Ducatis is all about, this from Stuart Vickery, our new Ride Coordinator: "My first club ride on Sunday was nothing short of awesome and I can’t wait till the next day out. I was fortunate enough to pick up a job at the agm.....(stuff).......Excited Ducati owner". And the good thing is - the fun & excitement feelings stay like that! (but I'm not telling ya's anything you don't already know huh?)

But watch out too, our amicable and very capable new president Brett Roberts is likely to start baling people up for "30 seconds with _____" to get people to tell their story to the rest of us soon.

How's Scott Travelling?
At last, the emphasis is on that last word "travelling" - in that he actually did some of it, albeit in a wheelchair capable cab. Scott was absolutely beaming to see his friends in Brooklyn after the AGM. Plus he was presented with a T-shirt and a Loris Capirossi personally autographed cap from our Desmo Owners Club friends in Bologna who had heard of Scott's accident, as well as embellishing him with the Presidenté badge and other decorative items from Italy. It was good to see him out in the street again, fondly sidling up to Ducatis and with some of his cheeky ways displaying again. I am hoping to get hold of some of the group pics taken of a few of us out the front of the pub standing under the club's Desmo Ducati banner.

New DOGgie
In recognition of reaching the inaugural AGM where the club has now grown up significantly the dog mascot and the bike have been given a going over - check it out and let us know what you think in the poll here: A comparison of the new and the old is here

Frasers Newcastle Providing Increasing Support
I had a meeting with Paul Lewis last week, Paul is Frasers Retail GM and an ex Ducati racer - and he well understands the passions these fine motorcycles generate. He is still in the process of appointing a local branch manager, plus he has his hands full in the short term with upcoming events. However he is strongly commited to significantly improving the Ducati customer experience in the Frasers business and expects to do things like generate dedicated reception areas which are about a lot more than just selling bikes.

The various ideas will obviously take some time to be fleshed out and become reality, however Paul is hoping to make substantial progress during the course of this year. Support of the social riding side of things is an integral component of that process, and Paul has confirmed Frasers continued and increasing support of our club. In the short term we will be looking to deal with some of the administrative stuff that has escaped proper attention in the last little while, and get to know and work in with the new manager once he (or she!) have had some time to find their feet.

Our relationship with Frasers is one we expect to provide mutual benefits. We expect Frasers to continue to provide new owners with initial club membership where they want it, and those all important ongoing discounts to club members (check the back of your new membership cards for those that received them at the AGM, others will be issued on club ride events). From the club side our contribution may be as simple(?) as existing and doing that well, and providing useful feedback re the impact of whatever Frasers is doing well or otherwise in the Ducati sphere. And, just under that heading, I would like to say that I am continually hearing good quality independent feedback about how well the new service manager Wayne treats his customers, which can only augur well for the local business.

New Web Address coming
Soon we will be - and it appears likely we can run the old one in parallel for a while. There is a test web there now, but in a couple of days this will be relocated and the conversion done properly. This is being done to solve a few problems that have arisen having an off-shore name, and now we can do it cheaply - which we couldn't do at the formation stage. There will be a separate announcement when it is operational. Plus there are quite a few ideas coming out of the new committee to significantly improve matters web, stay tuned as we grapple with it some more....

Ducati Women Racers (Y2K Team)
Check out these fast chicks right here:

THE ITALIAN CONNECTION Inaugural Rally 5-7th Oct 2007
Departing 11am from Sydney's Norton St, Leichardt. Not cheap to enter but hey, what an adventure. Ducatis are welcome. See here for details:

Sick of Paying TOOO Much For Green Slips? Do This, do it NOW!!!!
Our friends at the MCC of NSW are a busy and very effective lobby group. They have decided it is time to stop bikers getting stiffed with the ever increasing and totally scewif green slip system. Right now they want you to fax as many bike greenslips as you can find to 02 9817 1081. See here for details: Yes, you too!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Thursday, 05 July, 2007 9:49 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum: Subject

G'day Cyber Dog,

This HunterDOGs newsletter is a reminder for you about the AGM, plus a bunch of upcoming stuff / other info I hope you find useful:

Club AGM this Sunday 08/07/07 9am, 16Ft Sailing Club, The Parade Belmont
This is the club's first AGM so it is an important one. Please rock on down and join in for breakky and a nice start to the day - and a bit of a chat about Ducatis in general and local riding / social activties in particular. Members, non-members, family and friends / kids are all welcome. Of course members (and anyone who joins on the day) also get some of the official Ducati Desmo Owners Club goodies depicted here

Apart from the obvious problems of Scott being nailed to a hospital environment for some months now there have been a few other things going on for people - I can only say it would be pretty handy if anyone else feels they would like to help out a bit with things! As it happens today I got to meet with Paul Lewis, Fraser's GM for the retail side of the business. Paul is an ex Ducati racer and a very affable switched on fellow. He is very interested in and has plans for fostering and supporting the social side of Ducati ownership so this augurs well for the future.

Paul is off to the States later in the week or he would be at the AGM to further explain his ideas - so it will be up to me to see what I can remember of this. However, very plainly Frasers is quite receptive to any ideas we may care to put forward, so it is a good idea if we lead the process somewhat. This is where an active social committee is a helpful asset, please put your hand up if you would like to be a part of that - it can be quite a rewarding experience to be involved in this way.

If the weather's good and you ride down, maybe you will feel like joining in the BIG ride to the Brooklyn pub straight after the AGM and have lunch surrounded by British, Italian & German bikes for good measure? See for details.

The 16 footers has good covered areas with spectacular views so it is suitable in any kind of weather, doors open at 9am so don't be too early. Look for our new Desmo Owners Banner hanging up somewhere.

July Club Ride - Chichester Dam Sunday, 15/7/07
Yep last month, we dipped out going to the half way house due to rain so this month we are down to go to Chichester Dam via East Gresford, Dungog and some lovely sweeping well sealed roads to the dam, back to Dungog for lunch. Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 10am departure (unless rain prevents). Just to be sure that people who can't tack the BIG ride on to the AGM this weekend still get an opportunity to go swanning about the countryside in the company of fellow Ducatisti on the following weekend anyway. Of course, those present can change the destination by agreement on the day - and it would be good if someone wants to volunteer to be ride coordinator to help sort any requests / the calendar etc.

Nundle Recon Ride (NSWDOC) Sat 11/8/07 - Sun 12/8/07
An extract from the NSWDOC Calendar, often Doggies can be found tagging along for this one (meet at Bulga servo around 10am on the Putty Rd):

Recon Run to Nundle for the Thunder Rally preparations. Meet at Macca’s, Rouse Hill (opposite Ettamogah Pub) at 8.00 am for 8.30 am departure. Going up the Putty, Denman to Merriwa, Scone, then New England Highway to Nundle. Accommodation bookings are essential. Peel Inn (02) 6769 3377, Hills of Gold Motel (02) 6769 3222, Nundle Caravan Park (02) 6769 3355. Contact: John Wilson 0415 948 946.

Frasers Newcastle Store Gossip
Further to the item in the last newsletter about Frasers already looking for a new person to run the local business, interviews are now in progress. After Peter Fordham left for his old hunting ground on the Central Coast, Bill (I never did find out his surname) did not make it through the probation period and the ever helpful Steve Meredith is filling in for now. However Steve has made it blindingly obvious there is a certain level of paperwork he is happy with and it is less than that required of a store manager! Which is good for anyone who buys a bike there as they will soon get their top notch after sales mgr back when the king pin job is filled....

Ducati Heritage Virtual Museum
Did you know Ducati finally got this together for those of us that can't just pop in to Italy for a look at the real thing? It's here:

Pillioning Tips Article
For anyone who likes the idea of pillioning but hasn't done any of it or has maybe been put off by a bad experience these tips may be just what you are looking for. Pillioning for many adds another great dimension to the whole Ducati motorcycling experience, catch it here:

Sun 16/09/07, DOC NSW Concours d’Elegance at Royal Ryde Rehab Hospital
This is an excerpt from DOCNSW What's On, we will be going down for a look for the September club ride:

Come and drool over Sydney’s finest collection of Ducati Motorcycles in one place at the Ducati Owners Club of NSW Annual Concours d’ Elegance. Held in the grounds of the Moorong Spinal Unit, Victoria Road, Ryde.

Food and drinks will be available, plus trade stalls and other planned events. Bring out your bike and show Sydney what owning a Ducati is all about. For full details visit (ed: um, this seems to be it for now...).
Contact: Steve Chew 0433 507 780 or John Wilson 0415 948 946.

Eastern Creek NFI Supported Ride Day on Friday, 6 July & Friday, 3 August 2007
For details see:

Check them out here, these people are putting out some really good stuff:

Michelin to Recall Pilot Power 2CT & 120/70 ZR 17 Front tyres
For details see:

 Motorcycling Australia June 2007 Newsletter
The newsletter you can download here is provided courtesy of our friends at NSWDOC and has some really good articles - it's a great read.

That's all for now, see you Sunday then?

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter
Vince Sunter  ( I'm ready, how about you? ); Check out these Riding Tips: ;   Pillioning Tips:

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Re: Club Newsletter - Archive Copies, 2nd Quarter 2007
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And the next bunch:

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 15 June, 2007 8:50 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs June '07 Newsletter

G'day Cyber Dog,

I Do hope you enjoy this newsletter of Doggie Do's, I am trying a different approach where news is more often posted on the forum as it arrives, and this is more like a round-up, in places anyway - so here it is:

How's Scott Travelling?
After the combined NSWDOC 5 Ferries Ride last month a few of us got in to see Scottie ( rather than face more great roads and a cuppa at Mt White. It was a pretty big day out but worth it.

Apparently Scott is about to get a new chair done out in racy Ducati red and light red chequers, no doubt because he is coming along so well and getting more mobile all the time. He can lift his damaged leg half way now. It was good to see his brain has decided it will get the connection going again, only a fortnight earlier he was still only able to do little more than twist his left foot a bit - now gear changing is a real possibility. Scott was saying he can walk 90m now with a frame gizmo to assist.

You may have noticed Scott is getting limited access to a hospital 'puta now - and it ain't so easy to use from a wheelchair either, but it is good to see he is starting to bug people again - mostly about getting themselves in to the hospital so he can bug them properly LOL!. So, the more people that want to visit him the better, especially if they want to ride their bikes in! So hop to it people, on yer bikes!

Club Ride This Sunday 17/06/07 to Half Way House
via Broke, Milbrodale & Howes Valley to Putty Rd Half Way House. A nice relatively short day out in the sunshine to do that magic top ten miles, and after the sighting run is done and a short break at the top bbq turnaround area the keen ones will go back for another loop! However, we are promised it will pour down with rain on Saturday and should clear by Sunday morning - so we'll just have to see what we get to decide if we want to go out for a ride.

Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 10am departure (unless rain prevents).

Club AGM Sunday 08/07/07 (NOTE: New Date!!!)
This is the club AGM, Please come to this one!!! Not so's you wind up with a job, that will only happen if you want one. But so you can see what's going on, make some suggestions, or just to enjoy a nice start to the day. Members, non-members and friends are all welcome. This is our first AGM since formation, obviously it is important as it will set the tone for things to come in the local Ducati social community.

And, just to make it even more attractive to front up, we will be handing out official Ducati merchandise all the way from Italy - to members and anyone who joins on the day. See here for what you will get These cool souveniers come to us as a part of being formally recognised, this is our plaque:, one of the last official duties of Frederico, the outgoing CEO who we met for the first time on the most recent Turismo.

Please note the AGM date has been moved back a week since 2 of the existing committee members have a 50th birthday to go to in Port on the old date. Also the BIG ride has been changed to the new date of the AGM, so we are thinking if the weather is good we can go for a ride to the Brooklyn pub straight after the AGM and have lunch surrounded by British, Italian & German bikes for good measure.

So, in 3 weeks time rock on down to Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club on Sunday morning for breakky, we would love to have you along. This is a lovely lazy start to a Sunday as the club opens at 9am - The Parade Belmont. Bring the family, friends or kids too and take in the spectacular water views that are Lake Macquarie - and go for an impromptu B.I.G. ride after if you want (despite the name, it is a pretty small ride really!). The venue has good covered areas with spectacular views so it is suitable in any kind of weather.

If the weather is looking a bit uncivilised we will be in the corner under the glass in front of the food servery. Otherwise its the great outdoors under the sails on the back verandah over the lake. If you've got ideas or there is anything you want to bring up about club stuff, what a great opportunity to chip in to help make the club even better. From a constitutional perspective there is no formal agenda beyond formalising the mgt committee as it is set up to be whatever people want to deal with on the day.

Just by the way you may note in the forum that Scott has recently said the following from hospital: "I dont feel like I have pulled my weight this year so I'm wondering if anyone else is up for the challenge; I'll stay on if you all want me to be at the top for longer anyway" Just something to think about, but if you want to put your hand up for anything at all nobody is going to chop it off - not in this club anyway!

Frasers Newcastle Store Looking for a New General Manager, Is that You???
Streuth, now that Peter Fordham has moved back to the Central Coast I was just looking for the correct spelling of the new fellow Bill's surname and found this 2 day old advert: So it seems something's going on there and they are looking for a new person to run the show - Is it You??? If you ride a Ducati the odds are that you will be interested in putting some real substance behind the many (mostly broken) promises I have heard to deliver solid tangible support to the local social Ducati riding scene. Whatever you think about it, this will be a good topic for the AGM!

MOTO GP DUCATI CHAMPIONS CLUB - Phillip Island 12-14 Oct 2007
This is a pretty tempting offer from NFI - Maybe we should get a Newcastle contingent together for a big trip down? For details see

Ducati Has a New CEO
Federico Minoli meet Gabriele Del Torchio - YOUR REPLACEMENT!!! For details see

Want a Ride With Randy?
Eleven rides with Randy Mamola are up for grabs on the two seat Ducati Desmosedici at World Ducati Week 2007 For details see But of course you will be down the 16 footers for the Hunter DOGs AGM (and a nice breakfast) so I guess we'll just have to miss out on a ride with Randy (oh, and it's in Italy at WDW 2007, a bit far for most of us!)

Macquarie Pass Safety Warning
It is occasionally getting a bit slippery these days for whatever reason - for details see (

Comprehensive Tips On Motorcycle Touring
Say with the above safety warning I couldn't help but notice what a great web site these people have now put together on touring, check it out here:

Some Priceless Motorcycling Humour
See here for some excellent copyright infringement by our friends in the wider motorcycling community, "Commitment" is a personal favourite!

Things Wot Were:
Norton Unaproachable Rally 2007

This was a really good weekend away to Nundle on 5-6/05/07, a few familiar Ducatisti in attendance but unsurprisingly rather outnumbered by Norton riders! Frances & I rode up with the Sat Newcastle contingent and Mal & Panorkle (just) got there a bit later on. Apart from all the great people and interesting bikes, the surprise bonus was that Sunday was the annual Great Nundle Dog Race, which was well worth sticking around for a bit of - this is a worthwhile excuse to visit the area all by itself in future as it is a great family day out. For the story in pictures, see (Just gotta love that surprise entry on Dogs Day pic 7!). For the long story see the report by Norton's Mr Sweetie:

Nymboida Long Weekend Away Combined Christmas (almost) In July - NSWDOC, QldDOC, HunterDOGs & PtMacDOC
Well things have been a bit busy, what with all the flooding etc last week. It looked like the Nymboida weekend away might be cancelled with all the rain. We personally got off pretty light relative to many - the river only came to our verandah so basically the garden got a good water and all the mulch departed! But Saturday dawned fine with sunny patches, although it bucketed down in the morning in Sydney so departure got put off for a couple of hours (thanks to a lot of early morning sms'ing by gentleman John Wilson from NSWDOC. But we still had half an hour of rain on leaving Newcastle. See here for pics (not done yet - to be put up later this evening).

Just The Other Day I Got Asked About What The Club Has To Offer
Yep, by a new owner - and I haven't been asked it before. Their response to my answer was pretty enthusiastic so I guess they'll be joining in social activities soon. I figured I would now share it more widely, given we are approaching an AGM and I would really like to see more people taking on a small contribution to making the whole thing just that much better, here 'tis:

Welcome aboard - that's a good choice, but it's pretty hard to make a mistake bringing a Ducati into your life! A lot of really interesting people have done that before too and you'll probably get to meet many of them over time, there is certainly a wide spectrum. But it is what we get up to and the company we keep that is the most rewarding. However, you've asked an interesting q I haven't been asked before. So why am I involved, I wonder - perhaps the answer is there....?

I personally have had various Jappas including a short break through "the kids years", then a Triumph which I really liked, until I found Ducatis 5 years ago and wouldn't ever go back. This is as much about what these bikes are as it is the strong social scene that is set up around them. If you can find a way to go on the yearly Turismos do it, nobody regrets this no matter what the weather. And then there is the NDR's (National Ducati Rallies) most years, or combination activities with NSWDOC (Sydney, really) like the Nymboida long weekend away coming up. For all the other times there is usually a local club to go riding with if the weather's good, which always provides an excuse to get the bike out for a bit of a ride, a nice lunch and back home mid afternoon usually. I like that bit, as well as when a few of the locals get away for "the big ones" and I get to be there too. Plus we've even dreamed up our own "big ones" like going to Tumbarumba Festival which was extremely successful.

The Hunter Ducati Owners Group has only been in existence for a bit over a year, formed mainly in response to the desires of a lot of people to put more emphasis on socially riding and owning modern Ducatis, rather than in getting too caught up in the aspects of a more historical approach, although the older bikes are certainly welcome and do come along sometimes.

If you have a look around the bits 'n pieces of our web site you will see that we have a fair bit going on and a lot of future potential too, but that we have also had the unfortunate situation that Scott, the guy who really started the club, has been dealing with the consequences of being smacked in the head with a telegraph pole in Cardiff last November. We are now confident that he will be back better than ever - probably that is a little while off yet.

I am still wondering what to do with your q about what the club has to offer - mostly because I don't really think about it like that. I am just another person that rides Ducatis, in my case more than most since I rarely do less than 15,000km in a year - all on club / Ducati community related activities - and my partner Frances is choofing along on her Monster doing the same a lot of the time. I figure these small local social clubs are what you make of them, and what they offer you has a lot to do with what you put in. One thing I can easily observe is that no-one in the doggies wants to sell you anything, and that the dickhead count is low! Also we are very well thought of by others in the greater Frasers / NFI / DOC community because people can see how hard and fairly we try to do good things, regardless of how it sometimes pans out! We only have to ask and we get strong support.

But a seasoned professional outfit we ain't! So. if you want to come along and join in with well meaning somewhat disorganised but happy people who like riding Ducatis we would love to see you guys. Ring me if you want (4961 0573), or just rock up at a ride. All the best .............Vince

OK, that'll do for now. Hopefully see you on Sunday then, but I must admit I am not too optimistic that the weather will let us play!!! In which case 3 weeks time at the AGM then, OK....?

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 18 May, 2007 12:13 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs Newsletter Update

G'day Cyber Dog, Here's some stuff to get into:

How's Scott Travelling?
I dropped in a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is he is improving continuosly, keen to get back home, but REALLY KEEN to hear the sound of a heap of Ducatis thundering around the back streets of Ryde and visiting him. And, with his occassional access to email he has been asking people to come down, a lot! So, how about we do exactly that this weekend? Come on the Five Ferries ride and we'll rock on down as part of the day's activities. Are you in? It would be good if you could. It would sure give Scottie a big lift, being stuck in the pretty undelightful circumstances that he is working his way through.

Five Ferries Ride this Sunday (Really Four Ferries and a Brain Injury Unit!)
This is a brilliant day out with our NSWDOC friends, quite a few of us have been along the last couple of years and we all loved it. We are promised sunshine for Sunday, after rain Fri / Sat, so expect it to dawn a beautiful day for riding and be ready for an earlish start as it is well worth the slight hassle. NSWDOC departure time is 9am from the Mobil servo at Berowra. In order to make the start time we will need to leave Freemans Waterhole at 7:30am with a pick-up of 8am at the twin servos on the freeway (near Wyong) for the convenience of those further south.

We work our way round the Berowra, Lower Portland, Sackville, St Albans and Wiseman Ferries. In previous years we would have lunch at St Albans Hotel, or Wisemans Ferry for those that just want to ride as far as the short stretch of dirt on the way to St Albans and go back and round to Wisemans. The St Albans group normally return to Wisemans Ferry to regroup with the dirt averse where the Southerners will go home via Mt White and we can join them if we wish, or more likely just take the short way back via Yarramalong and Wyee.

However, this year with Top Dog recovering in hospital at the Ryde Rehabilitation Centre we are inviting as many Ducati riders as want to play to skip St Albans and have lunch at Wisemans and then do the 62km trip down to Ryde (half of which is back down some pretty good roads anyway before we hit Sydney via Beecroft). We will probably run back via  the freeway, possibly taking in Galston Gorge if we feel like it.

What Else Is Coming Up?
Well, quite a lot as seems to be the case these days, great isn't it. Keep an eye on the calendar ( or via the drop down list on the main web page. The Nymboida June long weekend is fully subscribed and has a waiting list, I hope you got in early enough too as it is going to be a beauty! If you miss out then the following weekend is a club ride to the half way house, just to have a bit of a play with that gorgeous 10 miles of corner bit, and turn around and do it all again

Another thing we have to do is to formally have an AGM, which has been set down for Sunday the first of July at the Belmont 16 footers - don't worry about the formalities, just come on down for a nice (cheap!) breakfast by the Lake and have your say. The more the merrier!

What Has Been On And Enjoyed?
Same thing, rather a lot actually, and there's a lucky few of you who know all about it! However, it would take some telling, the adventures we have been on - and its getting too late to get into all that, again! So briefly, the last club ride to Denman was held in absolutely perfect weather, and what a thriving little tourist town that is now, we had to do some exploring to find lunch with less than an hour wait, but we got it sorted and it was really worth the trouble, just sitting in the pleasant shade of the balcony enjoying life in the country.

And then there was the Norton Rally in Nundle, a highly successful well organised event - and boy those old Nortons look impressive with the attention they receive from their devoted owners. We found out it is called the Unapproachable Norton Rally, not due to the behaviour of the participants or maybe the weather or whatever else people might have been thinking, but as a legacy of the original marketing for the motorcycle in which apparently they were thinking these bikes were pretty quick and no-one else could get near them. I can only assume that Ducatis weren't being imported to the country when they came up with that silly idea!

As it turned out the Rally coincided with The Great Nundle Dog Race, which was a really good family day out. We stayed around, initially to help make sure Panorkle got his ailing Ducati home - it was suffering from mechanicalential unequalibrium internalitis - and consequently we spent a couple of hours watching the funny things country folk have come up with involving dogs, all good clean fun! I have a bunch of photos but haven't got around to posting them yet. This event is of sufficient merit to warrant a weekend away just to attend, we should think about that for next year - I wonder if there is an event for the Hunter DOG to enter in, I'll just bet they would take it on if we came up with it!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Thursday, 12 April, 2007 10:24 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Newsletter, and there's lots of it; re-sent with links working!

G'day Cyber Dog, (sorry about that last one, this time all the links should be working, crossed fingers): It's been a bit busy with Ducati Goings on, and it isn't going to let up - which can only be a good thing. This is a bit of a "catching up" newsletter, I hope you have the time to pick out the good bits and join in with future activities / reminisce about past ones as the case may be. Also, finally I managed to get all the photos from events over the last few months out of my Things To Do folder and up on the website, not that I got pics at all of them due to a bit of who-forgot-(or-broke!)-the-camera syndrome, but there are a lot of newies up now! OK, kicking off with that all important topic:

How's Scott Travelling?
Well Scott is maintaining an amazing rate of progress. But the more he improves the more obvious it becomes how really long the recovery road is to travel. There are so many seemingly small but really important hurdles to get over and anyone of them could be a major barrier, or just a small bump in the road. Fortunately, Scotty keeps knocking them over like nine pins, faster than he should be able to really! This is great, but it does tend to paint a picture of how many remain in front of him, it is no walk in the park. However there are a few more photos up at and it is easy to see how much better he looks. Plus I got to grant a wish, courtesy of Photoshop this time but hopefully not too far off in reality.

Whilst he is still a fair way off a full recovery, he is certainly up to general visitors now. He can still be worn out with long stays or too many people, and he needs to rest from time to time. But he really wants to see people, especially his friends from the Ducati community. It has been quite important that the people who call in are reasonably well known to Scott because his injured brain needs to be in familiar places. That is still important but less so than it has been, anybody in a motorcycling frame of mind should be fine now. So, please feel free to drop in for half an hour or so if you can. Paula suggests the best thing now is to contact the nurses station on (02) 9809 9016 and check what is going on with other visitors / hospital activities which he is sometimes completely tied up in.

Scotty is now very aware of all the bits 'n pieces of what's going on. It is hardly surprising that he is quite bored at times, feels a lot like it is Groundhog Day every day although things are in place to improve that now. And sometimes quite frustrated as some things are tantalisingly close but just out of grasp as his brain keeps working to pull all the bits together again. He occasionally gets run over by the emotional stuff now - which is a good thing, but not much fun! I have given him a couple of tasks to work on - NDR 2010, and a 1,000 Ducati Ride. Both are achievable and he has the time spare to plan them, hopefully he will soon have the capacity and inclination!

It has recently become possible to email Scotty via as he has intermittent access to a hospital computer. However, this is very much a secondary tool for communication as it is the in person stuff that works best for now. Please note Scott is still formally classified as in the Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) stage, so he forgets stuff! He is far enough out of PTA to benefit from more complex rehabilitation work than the basic physiotherapy and return to normal body functioning that has helped pull him out of the main danger zone, and all that is in the process of commencing now.

Here's an update from Selena a few days ago too: Di and I went and visited with Scott last night. Scott is making great strides on his road to recovery and whilst he has a long road ahead of him, he is doing really well. Yesterday Scott managed to walk 15mtrs which is awesome. Scott wanted me to pass on a message and tell everyone that he says hello to all his friends. He must be recovering because he is getting more bored each day - so if you know Scott and want to go and visit him at the rehab unit, I am sure he would love to see you.

NFI Supported Eastern Creek Ride Day this Saturday, 14/04/07
If you are planning to attend, please make a booking as soon as possible on line at, or by phone: 1300 793 423.

Club Ride to Denman this Sunday 15/04/07
Yep, get those Ducatis out for more sunshine and a pleasant day out - going via Millfield, Wollombi Tavern, Broke, travel about 2 km and turn left, which brings us to the Putty Rd, a quick right and left onto the Golden Highway, Jerrys Plains where we head west and take the scenic route to Denman pub for lunch, but we will do a lap of the winery first if we have time. Meet 9:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 10am departure (unless rain prevents).

You will be going somewhere nice and in the company of friendly like minded people who love to ride their Ducatis, or they want to one day. So do come along yourself and encourage your friends to do the same, it is always a good excuse for a ride and a nice day out.

And, if you would like to pick your way through photos of previous outings like the Highway to Health ride (Nov), Patonga Chrissie ride with NSWDOC & GRO or that sweltering January ride where we set off for Smiths Lake and got as far as the Clarence Town Pub they are here: Or if you are wondering what it was like meeting up with NSWDOC on the way to the Karuah River Rally on 10/02/07, it was a bit different and a good experience, particularly the bit floating about in the creek with a glass of wine on a warm summer's afternoon - some pics are here: (and boy do those beamer boys enjoy having a good old blog about it all:

Upcoming Major Event - Norton Rally 5/05/07
A long standing Ducati stalwart of the area shows he is into Nortons too. Yep Dave Mason who has been so successful in BEARS racing a Ducati has wrested the Norton Owners Club Unapproachable Rally from Victoria to bring it to Nundle in our back yard. And this on their 25th Anniversary too! There is bound to be a story there and at least 3 Ducatis are going along from Newcastle to find it out! Besides that it will be a lovely weekend away and it is pretty easy riding on nice roads to get to Nundle, whichever way we go.

If you want to join the merry band from Newcastle, give me a ring on 0414 706 875 / email and we will work out where to meet up. It is not finalised at the moment as we are likely to fit in with others coming from the Sydney end of things. On Sunday it may be a leisurely ride home, or possibly a dash back to check out Latins by the Lake, we'll see how we're all feeling on the day!

But you will first need to sort your accommodation, whether it be at the rally camp site (the caravan park) or one of the excellent venues around town. Check out the details of the event at and then download the entry form and don't forget to tick the FREE BREAKFAST on Sunday morning at: Accommodation is filling fast, a Stop Press has now been listed on the NOC site with some alternatives. We have checked them all out over the years - there's no duds there!

Upcoming Major Event - Combined Ducati Nymboida Christmas (sorta) in July
This will be a lovely weekend away. We have been to Bermagui for the long weekend with NSWDOC the last couple of years, it has been nice but a tad touristy. For this one they are turning their sights northwards and holding it in Nymboida, it should be a real treat. Plus we will get to meet up with the Coffs Harbour & Qld DOCs who are joining us there as it is a return to a traditional get together for Qld & NSW that has taken place in previous years at Dorrigo - mostly because the roads between the groups are just so damn good! But it is being moved a tad closer to home to make arrival times more palatable.

You need to ring NSWDOC's John Wilson on 0415 948 946 to book accommodation and make an arrgt to pay by mid May. See the flyer for details. See for details of the venue.

We will pick up the Sydney group at Beresfield BP at 9:30am Sat, they will be coming up the freeway.  Then via Gloucester, Walcha, Armidale and Waterfall Way to Nymboida. Sunday will be a day of rest / short rides for some, and a 300km wiggly ride around the mountains for lunch at Ulong and afternoon tea at Dorrigo for others! And a quiet ride home on Monday to celebrate the birthday of one so far away.

So, rock on down and enjoy the fun, and don't forget to bring your Chrissie gear as it will be a proper Christmas In July feast....!

Things Wot Were - National Ducati Rally
Four Ducatis set out from Freemans Waterhole for Wisemans Ferry in glorious weather on 16/03/07 and soon we were six. Brian, Rob, Russell, Dorian, Frances & myself took the scenic route via Wisemans, Bells Line, that fantastic Oberon Rd and then down an equally brilliant bit of open twisty stuff as we ventured down the Oberon to Goulburn Rd. Unfortunately after crossing the Abercrombie River I was going along very sedately (yes, true) when I found a well disguised patch of sand running down the middle of the road and the bike went down like a ton of bricks - and then took off into the bush to see how many pieces it could tear itself into, it was quite a lot!

Fortunately the Draggin jeans, hat and leather jacket did their job and I just copped a bit of a bruising. An hour and a half later we had scraped together as many bits as we could find and were on our way. I gotta say I thought my days of pranging bikes were over - 57,000km on this one and the only thing apart from stone chips was a "snicked the mirror on the garage wall" scratch. After this bit of "shit happens" we rode the remaining pleasant 250km to Canberra without incident, the countryside round the back of Lake George really is quite pleasant.

Saturday and it was off to Civic Centre for a Concourse to show off our Ducatis to the populace and then on to Cottrell Dam for a social ride which I got 35km on and found the frame had been damaged and things started moving in unhappy ways. At the NDR dinner I wound up with the hard luck award, first ever Concourse win - I am expecting that will be enough of them thanks! With the ST4S looking like a write off it got left in Canberra and we squeezed all our gear on the Monster for the double home, after rounding up a tyre to make sure we made it.

The rest of the NDR, glitch aside, was a really good experience. Full marks to the Canberra DOC for the excellent job they did of pulling the event together. Lots of nice bikes, great people and good things to do, a popular one was to get the Motul Buff Girls to personally polish your special machinery at the Concourse. Howls of dismay were heard from the largish contingent of lady riders who are looking for equal rights at the next (NSWDOC) NDR - so expect to make way for Buff Boys at that event!

Actually, on that topic Frances has a couple of things to say: "Congratulations to all those involved in the 2007 NDR in Canberra - A job VERY WELL DONE. On this wet & windy Good Friday morning, I've taken the liberty to put down a few thoughts about the 2008 NDR. I hope that the 2008 organising committee finds them of use!!! PLEASE enjoy  .....  but WARNING-:  Adult pictures & Non-Ducati Motorcycles contained within the following 3Mb file  ; -)

As well as the fantastic work done by the Canberra DOC, NFI went to extra trouble to make this NDR a very special event with all the test ride machinery including a 1098 for a lucky handful to try, plus a Hypermotard on display too. I was disappointed that I somehow managed to miss this in all the other floofing around as I like the idea of these things and want to put one in the garage some day!

There are a whole bunch of photos from the weekend's activities here for your amusement: unfortunately the camera broke just before the main dinner started so the pics stop at the doorway! However I have particularly included a few extras of the prang so you can enjoy the blood and gore / detailed dismay of someone else's prang without having to be surrounded by the dirty job of sorting out the resulting mess! I also put selected photos telling the story of the prang together into a single file here:\images\Vince'sNationalDucatiRally2007ConcourseAward.pdf (1.5Mb), as much to tell the tale briefly as to show how ridiculously easy it is to end up where I went. Still, it's all good - this was only a small wobble in an otherwise good weekend, it cost 1.5 hour delay and a bit of stuffing around. A replacement ST4S has turned up in the garage now with less than half the k's and 1/10th the stone chips, you little ripper! It has been taken out for a most satisfactory "maiden" run to Lake St Clair last Sunday - now I just need to get into all those little mods that make a truly great bike even better! I have bought the wreck back so this will be easier to do.

And let me just say that I am astonished at how brilliantly everything has been handled by Shannons - nothing is ever perfect but if I had the tiniest little question they just sorted it out quickly and fairly, and one could even say generously! They have a maximum no claim bonus guaranteed for life (after 3 years on max), which I have qualified for. Whilst that means I will be keeping my insurance with them, considering the excellent service I have received I am very happy to do so regardless of the incentive. But I sure do hope to be doing nothing other than paying it back by way of premiums, for the next few decades anyway.....!

Things Wot Were - 100 Ducati Ride
Finally I have got around to putting up some photos of 3/12/06 the 100 Ducati ride here: It took the wet front end to Easter to have a crack at photoshopping a couple of panorama shots from all the single pics, this was of the pre-ride assembly and the re-group for the last leg. They were not as good as I hoped but heck, worth a go - and maybe now it is scheduled to be an annual event, next year's will be better with some of the lessons learned, like the bikes won't be in focus if there's a speed sign in the foreground - another reason society should ditch the rapidly multiplying speed signs as they interrupt the beauty of our Ducatis!

Next year's event is rumoured to be the 101 Ducati ride, and we keep going from there, 'til we run out of fuel I s'pose....?

There is a bigger version of the main regroup panorama here, it is 2Mb so take a deep breath if you are on dial-up:

The mystery to me is where the rest of the bikes are - there were definitely over 100 in attendance but I only seem to have got about 70 of them in the photo - surely the rest weren't over the hill where I didn't think to go when I took the pics? Ah well, maybe the Suttons Forest pics have the answer - I haven't tried to count these!

And, if you haven't seen V 2's Super Squalo project, pics 17 & 18 at Sutton Forest are worth a look. If anyone wants higher resolution copies of any of these pics just send me an email.

Club Development Issues
This is a classic tale of lot's of good intentions but not much in the way of action. I even heard some brilliant promises from Nina at NFI to weigh in with some useful support but nothing has turned up yet. If you too would like to put your hand up to help develop the club further that would be brilliant. Or just participate more in activities and things will work themselves out along the way.

Just the other day I converted to using FireFox as my main browser due to some particularly bad behavious from Internet Explorer. I discovered that there are quite a few display problems on our club website, and that these are not easy to fix either, it is due to using Front Page 2003 to develop it. So, if you (as many) are a Firefox devotee I will try and fix this when I can (if I can figure out how) - in the mean time at least the info you can see is good and the menus work - it is really just the window dressing that is missing, despite it all displaying perfectly in ie6. Say, this is my first Firefox newsletter, I hope it worked OK.....?

Ducati Bimota DB4 For Sale
Mal Cherlin has asked me to mention this bike for sale. He says it has new tyres and just had a major service (valves shimmed and new belts) performed by God himself. Asking $15,000 - ring him on 0404 002 427 if you want to know more.

Interesting Trivia
Not that I don't write enough bumf without adding non-Ducati stuff to it. But I came across this the other day and it fascinating to see what really clever but simple looking stuff other people can make to tell you more about yourself than you may have thought possible so I thought I would share it (380Kb file): (it is a self extracting archive - just need to run it in a folder of your choosing and then double click the rroad.exe file, a small amount of bother but the results are worth it, the "test" takes about 2 minutes). Or try this silly test and see if you can get better than 50%, not many can (276Kb):

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter
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Re: Club Newsletter - Archive Copies, First Quarter of 2007
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Continuing on, first quarter of 2007, oldest to bottom:

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Saturday, 10 March, 2007 10:44 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs - Scotty & NDR Updates

G'day Cyber Dog, Some important Ducati Goings On

How's Scott Travelling?
Well I must admit we were down there over a week ago and I have been too tied up in other stuff to let ya's know! I see that a few people have spotted the pics I put up of Scotty here: I kinda figure the road back is going to take a while to travel and it would be easier to have a few pics as we go along to tell the tale, rather than the thousands of words that disappear in the emotional turmoil surrounding his unfortunate circumstances. So these pics are a start, I am looking forward to the day I can take some more of Scotty at Mt Hotham - and hopefully he will be strapping his video camera to the front of his bike again then too like last time! I know brain injuries can take up to 5 years to resolve, but I am hoping he will check in as his old self some time later this year - then it is "just" the rest of the physio stuff to worry about....

It had been three weeks since our previous visit and it was really encouraging to see how well he has come along in that time. He is absolutely making better progress than could reasonably be expected and that is as much about what Scotty has figured out and done for himself as it is the determined work Paula is putting in behind the scenes to get action where it is needed. Just in starting writing this I know I could go on for ages with all the little pieces of hope, the good signs and the ups and downs of the struggles about being so close to such an uncertain future - and I've got the easy job! But I will try and contain myself to just a couple of thoughts.

There are a number of classic symptoms of the transition through a brain injury, one of them is topic lock. The previous visit he would get stuck on something and you just needed to gently take him somewhere else every time it popped back in again. It was a fairly mechanical disjointed sort of process and would just interupt the flow in a Groundhog Day sort of way on about a 2 - 3 minute cycle. But this time he would often so masterfully manipulate the conversation back to the selected topic in a way that left me dumbstruck and laughing. I was truly astonished at his dexterity to logically argue for what he wanted. For instance it is just not OK for a visitor to pick Scotty up with his various injuries and put him on a sofa as he wished. But he was so convincing in arguing for exactly that he had me on the verge of compliance, even after talking to the nurses about the different ways we might be able to do it and getting a flat NO WAY. However, for now, he stayed in the wheelchair!

One thing I took down was a folder full of emails and pictures of what has been going on, including people's good wishes etc - Scotty really liked this so if there's anything you want to send me I will see it gets added to the folder for him to look at in the quiet times. He is reading very well, as good as ever I suspect - but when he is being visited he would rather play with his visitors than read much. There are moves afoot to get him set up with a computer soon which should also be a help.

Another aspect of the injury is that Scott is not completely aware of what has REALLY happened - it was plainly much closer to the surface this time than it was before, sure he knows he was in an accident etc and is concentrating on recovering from that, but he is not yet clued up about the whole sense of loss thing that surrounds the facts of his circumstances. When it breaks through Scott is going to be feeling pretty miserable for a while as he comes to understand the consequences of what has happened, and the frustration of not knowing why (etc...) - which is when he will really need support. Please give Paula a call on 0438 478 804 should you wish to visit etc, she will know what is best!

Speaking of support the fundraiser on 17th Feb was just plain brilliant - it exceeded everybody's expectations and will be a very big help in what is to come. The generosity of many of those who attended, donated etc was simply extraordinary and is greatly appreciated. Initially some funds have been put towards fixing the family car and doing an LPG conversion so Paula can get there more reliably / cheaply. A committee will be formed to maximise the benefits that can be gained down the track a bit as the needs become more clear - and then we can let people know what's going on as it gets sorted. We did get the whole tax deductible charity fully sorted in time for this event - which was pretty handy to be able to share the load with our fellow Australians and it definitely encouraged those there to go even deeper into their pockets. This infrastructure can remain in place with only low level annual maintenance should it be needed elsewhere in the Ducati (etc?) community.

National Ducati Rally
Well it's nearly here, NDR that is. Off to Canberra via some interesting back roads to enjoy the road less travelled. This of course is the monthly club ride day but there will be no formal club ride since the lucky ones that could take Friday off will be off enjoying the ride home from NDR. It isn't too late to decide to join us if you like, so far I know 5 Ducs (4 boys, 1 lady) are leaving from up here for another fantastic Ducati adventure. I just checked the Rydges Resort website and it says they still have vacancies, but you would need to ring them on (02) 6241 6033 to arrange. For information or to register, visit or call 02 6282 7109 or 02 6241 1599.

The Newcastle contingent will be leaving for NDR and a fantastic day's riding this Friday, 530km in all. We will be going via Wisemans Ferry, Sackville ferry, east Kurrajong, Bells Line and that magnificent road to Oberon for lunch, then down the newly tarred road to Goulburn which still has a short unsealed section on it. I rang the Director of Works early this week to make sure the last bit of dirt is beautifully graded in time for our arrival, he is completely fine with that so we are GO! From Goulburn it is round the back of Lake George and should easily be there by 5:30pm in plenty of time for the official bbq at 7pm. This is a lot more enjoyable day's riding than the Sutherland departure which they tell me is an expected 2-2:30pm arrival, and I'm expecting that quite a few of our southern friends in the Sydney crowd will be similarly inclined so I will shortly invite them to join us at Ebenezer. I know of at least 1 Duc joining us there already.

Departure & Pick-up Point details:
7:30am sharp departure from Freemans Waterhole
8:10am approx pick-up at Mangrove Mountain where Russell will join the group
9:50am approx arrive Ebenezer for fuel & pick-up, we should be right to leave about 10am

Rain Plan is to still go to Wisemans and Ebenezer, but then if we are worried about it we might cut around the back of Penrith to Mulgoa, The Oaks and Bundanoon to Goulburn and decide which side of Lake George to travel on depending on the time / weather.

If you wish to join us, please let me know on 0414 706 875. You can see details of route and pick-up points here:

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Saturday, 17 February, 2007 1:45 AM
Subject: HunterDOGs Newsletter - 1098 Launch and other Ducati Doings

G'day Cyber Dog, Just a bit of info for your amusement:

1098 Launch
Well, what a great outing last night (Thursday) was. When the curtain finally went up there she was in all her fire breathing glory. An intensely bright intoxicating temptress, laser lights blistering off her exquisite surfaces as she poised for a moment aboard her Dyno-Jet dyno, awaiting instruction from that leather clad creature on her back. Then instantly and intoxicatingly she transformed into a glistening ball of red 1098S fury - exploding triumphantly out of her erotic Termis growling into the crowd as she howled up to 300 clicks in an obscenely short time. Exuding raw power that couldn't be disguised. Again. And again for the appreciative crowd. The poor dyno uselessly trying to hold her back while all that pure energy pulsed into it was like nothing experienced on the planet before. And the 10 lucky test ride winners have a real feast of two wheeled pleasure waiting for them soon, boy what a moto-sickle!

But in typical Ducati style it was a lot more than "just" about the bikes. Sure it was great to see and hear of all the new models - and enjoy the champagne and nibblies and the visual feast that was put on for us. Those lovely Ducati ladies that greeted us on arrival were a fabulous entré to the 1098 and the smorgasbord of motorcycling magnificence that surrounded the fine examples of the most powerful sports bike on the planet draped enticingly around the show room and environs. Of course, after a rowdy trip down in the coach a load of eager Novocastrian Ducati enthusiasts we were expecting a good time - helped in no small part by the beer and snacks that were being passed around.

On arrival we had to squeeze past a Ferrari parked in the drive way "my gawd look at that thing, that is one serious motorcar!", and mingle amongst a crowd of Ducati faithful that wouldn't be too far shy of 250 people. As we sipped champagne and partook of the delicious snacks a few cheeky legs were thrown over the odd 1098, boy does that thing feel good. The search lights were running, AV units reminding us of the delights on the road / track and sparkly eye candy everywhere. Then the official show kicked off.

We were formally introduced to some of the other inspirational models recently released, the 50% reduced servicing costs was mentioned and then the 1098 was described in glowing terms. In a bit of a coup Marcus, the style designer of this superb machine, had flown out from Italy a few days earlier. In his snazzy Italian suit and accompanied by his most delightfuly swish wife Maria the couple had been enjoying the atmosphere of the evening, talking to people in their broken English as best they could. Marcus had originally led the design for the 916 before returning to the family winemaking business. But Ducati had told him of the 1098 project and he just knew he had to be involved again, so he explained a bit of what all that meant to him to do this task and now he was to return to the family business fully happy about the 1098 creation.

Marcus went on to give us little insights to the wine industry, both his experiences in Australia and at home in Italy. Did you know that they sing to the wine before crushing it, in order that the wine will sing back to you from the bottle? He gave us an example of an Italian winemaking song, it was very inspiring. Then he encouraged his shy wife Maria to sing a native song of love, which she did spectacularly well. Whereupoun Ben, our entertainer for the evening, felt he would return a bit of culture in kind and went through a rousing rendition of Waltzing Matilda. This was all a bit much for Marcus, and then he fessed up that Opera By Stealth had taken us over, the accent was gone and "certain admissions" were made about their earlier conversations in the crowd!

The trio launched into several amazing pieces of opera, it turns out you don't really understand opera until you're soaking in it, at least I didn't. Sure you can't understand the words well whatever the language, but it is the wave of passionate all powerful emotions that washes through the crowd and soaks into the soul and really gets to you. Exactly like the 1098 how appropriate!

We had been expecting the 1098 to make a test ride appearance in Newcastle in a week or so, apparently that plan hasn't come off so we will now wait with bated breathe to see if another plan will take it's place....?

See here for some photos:

The ONLY thing that was a problem, we noticed when we were getting back on the bus that the person who drove the Ferrari away was younger than most of us - so the only way to make up for this slight misfortune was to save out pennies for a 1098S, then those sludge box Ferraris become all very unimportant....!

30th Karuah River Rally
Sorry, this was last weekend, a great time was had by all that made it. Not too many Ducatis braved the 14km of dirt in to Frying Pan Ck but those that did had a great time intermingling with our Bovarian cousins. We noticed the NSWDOC was heading up to Dungog for lunch - so we joined this little patch of 20 something Ducatis that made their way up to Dungog into a landscape liberally sprinkled with a sea of BMWs. Notice there was a 1098S in the group - it was brand new, otherwise questions would be asked about why this fine machine wasn't in Dungog first...?

Scott Priestley Fundraiser
This is on Sat Night, there are 280 people coming along and it will be one heck of a shin dig. The donated prizes are fantastic. We have got the charity fully tax deductible now and there will be a bit of a bonus for those that have donated already or are yet to, plus $70 of the ticket price will be tax deductible. See here for details;topicseen#msg283.  With events of the last week it is plain the future for Scotty and his family is a long way from certain, so the bigger the boost we can give them now the better.

Club Ride on Sunday
Yep, 10am departure from Freemans Waterhole after hopefully a not too late the night before at the fundraiser. We will take in the scenic delights of the lake and finalise the route on the day, the intention is to wind up at the Catho Pub and doss out the back and listen to music in the garden for a while, it's always a pleasant time out the back of the Catho Pub in summer! Whether you get to the fundraiser or not make sure you come along for the ride!

National Ducati Rally
More on this later, but it is plain we will have a Newcastle contingent. Several people on the 1098 launch were keen to come along, hopefully they will get it sorted, there is still enough time and it promises to be a beauty.

Phillip Island Superbikes + Hypermotard
I notice a bit of a discussion has started up here for anyone wanting to ride down to the Supers with others. Also, the 1100 Hypermotard is being launched at the island, here is the official announcement for those that haven't caught it yet:
Ducati HYPERMOTARD to Debut at Philip Island World Superbike 2 – 4 March 2007

As if the recently released 1098 wasn't enough for the performance-minded motorcyclist, Ducati now enters the final months before delivering the already much-sought-after, awarding winning Hypermotard.

Patience will be rewarded at the World Superbike races at Phillip Island 2 – 4 March 2007. It gives NF Importers and Ducati Italy great pleasure to present the Hypermotard for its first viewing in Australia at this premier World Championship event. Unveiled Friday morning in the WSBK Expo with Ducati Champions Club participants on hand, this new ‘family addition’ to Ducati becomes reality.

The award winning concept combines the best features of a single cylinder Supermotard bike - light weight and compact with the best features of a Ducati 1100 twin engine - increased power and vibration free, with unmistakable Ducati innovation and styling really has taken the Supermotard motorcycle to the highest level - the Hypermotard.

Coming in two models, Hypermotard 1100 and 1100S, all Australia and New Zealand Ducati Dealers are currently in position to accept orders both pre and post-presentation at Phillip Island. Expected first arrivals and deliveries will be June / July subject to production and shipping closer to date.

With the overwhelming positive response to the Ducati 1098, the unveiling of the Hypermotard and Troy Bayliss’ defense of the World Superbike title at Phillip Island, this is a weekend to savour for all the Ducatista and Ducati fans.

If you are interested in being among the first to see the Hypermotard at World Superbike, please contact Ducati Champions Club tickets on Gardner Straight are still available at $495 (includes event entry all days, pit walks, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea all days and motorcycle parking at the marquee). Visit for details or call 02 9704 2911.

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Thursday, 08 February, 2007 7:07 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs - Update on Scott Priestley's recovery

G'day Cyber Dog, I figured you might like an update on how Scottie's travelling:

Frances and I rode down and visited Scottie in Ryde last Sunday, he is travelling really well all things considered but it is obviously going to be a long haul back. Still, things are improving at a remarkable rate so it may not be as long as some of our medical friends are expecting, here's hoping!

Scott is speaking really well now, and you can tell there is a lot more happening inside than he can fully let on at the moment. Certainly he recognised us without any prompting and could remember and talk about a lot of things that had happened in the fairly recent pre-accident past. But he is going through all the post-traumatic phases that are typical of brain injury so there is stuff like topic fixation, heightened sensitivity, minor coordination issues etc happenning. He is extremely aware of what is going on around him, I couldn't keep up the level of attention he is at times, presumably this is just another piece of the brain reprogramming itself.

We spent the day with him, disappearing in the middle for a couple of hours so he could catch a bit of sleep. Mal Cherlin and daughter Elsa dropped in during the afternoon, and between the 4 of us we wore Scottie out with our various shenanigans by the end of the day! One particularly noticeable thing is how extremely polite and considerate Scott is in almost everything he says - and he didn't swear once all day. I presume this is just another symptom, but this one we will lament when it passes!

Only a week earlier I was being told of much more significant brain injury related behaviour that had been happening and we were sorta prepared for the worst when we rocked up. However there was not the slightest sign of those symptoms the whole time we were there. It is that, plus I could tell that he really deep down inside "got it" when I was talking to him about his feelings that makes me optimistic that he will make a faster recovery than might otherwise be expected.

To look at Scottie he has lost about 10kg, which is actually pretty good for his circumstances. He has pretty good control over the right side of his body, but the left leg and arm are waiting for the brain to plug them back in properly - he can manage to twitch his left hand / arm at the moment but that's about it. Apart from a few fancy bandaids and having grown a bit of a goatie there isn't much to show that he had such an awful run-in with the scenery, thanks in no small part to a good full face helmet and a decent set of leathers.

Of course we went for a bit of a hoon around the hospital in his fancy wheelchair bed gizmo, managed a couple of very small monos (duos!) and the odd foyer donut and took him outside to look at the Dukes - but it was too hot to stay out for long. It definitely perked him up a bit, I suspect the wardens don't go looking for  too much of the fun side of getting around in a 150kg wheelched!

Another nice thing is that there is no shortage of miracle cure stories. People who had apparently been splatted into solid objects worse than Scottie were living to tell the tale, usually making full recoveries with minor if any residual problems. Many of these were displayed on the walls around the Royal Ryde Rehab facility, but I keep coming across them in the general community too. There is no doubt this is a top notch facility to have in our medical system and Scottie is in the right place.

Of course all the up-beat stuff doesn't make it easy street for Paula, Cassie & Samantha, or the rest of their extended family, far from it. We stopped in for a chat on the way home, Paula is keeping it together magnificently in pretty trying circumstances. Obviously she is getting a bit stressed with the busy-ness of it all, and some of the complex difficulties that rear up in these life changing circumstances. Yet she is keeping her eye very much on the prize of keeping their family together and maxing out the positive outcomes for Scott as part of making that all work. She sure appreciates the help that the wider motorcycling and general community is giving her in doing that too!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 02 February, 2007 6:29 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum: Subject

G'day Cyber Dog,

I sent out a Newsletter on Wednesday - but there were errors and it is a bit uncertain if it went out properly, so here is some new stuff with all the 2 day old stuff underneath in case you didn't get it (except the headings should hopefully be fixed this time!):

Eastern Creek Track Day next Friday, 9 February
From NFI: If you are planning to attend, please make a booking as soon as possible on line at, or phone 1300 793 423.

Additionally, same as last year, we are planning a trip to Phillip Island for 22 and 23 February.  If you would like to attend the track days at Phillip Island please book on line at or phone 1300 793 423.

If you need assistance with transporting your motorcycle, flights, accommodation and / or transfers, or if you require any further information, please contact either myself (details below) or Warren Lee on (02) 9704 2900. 

Kind regards,
Maria Lewis
Executive Secretary
Fraser Motorcycles Group
P:  (02) 9701 8218
F:  (02) 8746 0987

Ducati Strategic Plan 2006 - 2008I came across this on the web somewhere, it is quite interesting. I just passed a copy out and realised everybody might be curious about it! So there is a direct link on the Technical Info page of the website to this 1.4Mb document, it is:

You can see what Federico Mineli had to say about the subject a month ago in his DesmoBlog here:

If you don't want to read the lot, read the ending:
Enough business talk. Let’s face it: in racing and in business, Ducati faces a task that, on paper, looks impossible. We produce and sell thirty to forty thousand bikes per year; Honda, nine million… We are David fighting against Goliath. And we beat Honda on their own track at Motegi. At this very minute, they are drooling over the 1098, the Hypermotard, and the Desmo 16. .....We are the only Italian company that can win this battle and we must never give in. We need not only passion, commitment, and technical excellence, but also ingenuity, stubbornness, a contrarian attitude, and perseverance.

Does that give you the clue why these people are so good at it? Maybe not as perfect as we sometimes wish but Ducati sure have an in your face way of getting the important stuff right!

Somewhere else in the Desmoblog I have seen that the ST range is to be discontinued - but I have it on good authority that the market segment won't be abandoned and we can look forward to something really smic in a couple of years or so. Personally I reckon we just lobby for the ST1098S and all possible problems are solved!!!


From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Wednesday, 31 January, 2007 2:28 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Newsie Stuff

G'day Cyber Dog, here's some newsie stuff for you:

Scotties Fundraiser Update
The updated prize list for the fundraiser is in the (20kB) file;topic=115.0;attach=126. This sheet is now replaced in the original full document on the web site, but this is the small version for people that just want to see how it's going. Bill Delaney says: "Here is an updated version of the items available for raffles, auctions and lucky door prizes. There is still more to be added once confirmed and we are still accepting prize donations. We still have a limited number of tickets available for the night so contact me asap if you have not purchased your ticket.".

The medical advice from the Ryde Rehabilitation Centre is that Scottie is looking at a two year-ish recovery period with no particular guarantees about how well it will work out. This is obviously going to be hard for the family to work through and will be full of trials and tribulations that are going to give even a plucky chick like Paula a hard time. All the more reason for us to make sure the fundraiser is a success and give the family a good boost as they journey down this path.

The charity arm is now official, see: - just waiting on the ATO for the tax deductibility bit to happen now.

Paula Says (for those that may not have seen this yet):
Posted by: "Paula Priestley" Thu Jan 18, 2007
Hi Everyone ,
my apologies for it taking me so long to write this
email to you all - as you have probably guessed I have been spending
many hours at the hospital with Scotty and the rest of the time with
our beautiful daughters . The other reason that it has taken me this
long is that in all honesty it has been difficult for me to put into
words the gratitude that I feel for all of the kind words thoughts
prayers and financial support that our family has received from our
You girls and guys are the reason that I am proud to call my self a motorcyclist !
hoping to catch up with many of you at the next ride !
ride safe
xo Paula

1098 launch, 5pm departure Thurs 15/02/07
Say, whether you saw the bike at the bike show or not this is a great opportunity to mingle with like minded people and find out more about the workings of these fabulous bikes and the people behind them! Peter Fordham (Newcastle Frasers mgr) says the 1098 is going to be available in Newcastle for test rides on Sat 24th Feb with people that attended the official launch being given first preference for bookings. If you have received a personal invitation then contact Vanessa as per However those that haven't made the mailing list for any reason can still attend by contacting Kim Bilby at Newcastle Frasers, ph 4952 2666 or email The coach is filling fast so don't leave it too late.

And on the coach we will get a bit of a roll on to get together a serious contingent of Novocastrian Ducatisti to the NDR, there is no reason we can't blitz the attendance records, why should only a few Novocastrians have all the fun??? Speaking of which:

NDR 2007 Update - 16-18/03/07 to Canberra
OK, the details are starting to roll in. It is looking like there will be a Newcastle contingent making a day of it to go down on Friday, there are at least 4 Ducatis I know of and I suspect a couple more are close to taking the day off too! I was just talking to Peter Fordham and he is thinking of throwing some support behind it - we will talk about the details on the bus trip to the 1098 launch in a fortnight, undoubtedly there will be a few more Novocastrian Ducatisti decide to come along from that and more plans can be made then.

It seems we will be going down via Wisemans & Sackville ferries, Bells Line then the fabulous road to Oberon since we have just had confirmation that the scenic road from Oberon to Goulburn has been tarred to a high standard (possibly there will be 5km still in a hard packed ready for finishing condition but we are assured by a very recent traveller that the road is in excellent condition right now as the last little bit is being finished, whether they get to it before we go through or not). Apparently there is a very delightful river valley road section to enjoy. With the advent of this news the Sydney contingent is now considering going this way in lieu of the Crookwell detour.

The 533Kb file;topic=119.0;attach=125 shows the programme of events and ride details, plus we just received this publicity notice via NFI:

Canberra District Ducati Club and the Australian Capital Territory welcome the National Ducati Rally this March.

The rally will continue the strong Ducatisti traditions established long ago by committed Ducati owners in Australia. “This is the ideal environment to reveal what NDR is all about:  a weekend together enjoying the common excitement and fun of the Ducati brand and fellow Ducatisti,” said NF Importers General Manager Warren Lee.  “The NDR has a long history in Australia. Together with a Ducati Owners Club, each year in a different Australian location, we host a rally. This ensures a new experience for new and lifelong Ducatisti to ride and explore different parts of our country.”

The Canberra National Ducati Rally opens at noon on Friday the 16th of March at the Rydges Eagle Hawk Resort. (Special rates have been arranged for this event). Participants can enjoy Ducati test rides, trade stalls, and camaraderie until the BBQ dinner begins at 7:00 p.m. Lucky door prizes will be drawn at 8:30 p.m.

Canberra District Ducati Club are thrilled to announce a new addition to NDR - the Western QBE Supercruise.  Created to draw attention to the passion of the Ducatisti for motorcycling, the Supercruise will feature all attending Ducati motorcycles leaving NDR HQ Rydges Eagle Hawk at 9:30 a.m. traveling in convoy up Canberra’s main thoroughfare. The Supercruise will arrive into Canberra Central Piazza (Garema Place) around 10:00 a.m. where additional classic Ducati’s will be on display all together through noon.

Saturday’s big events include the Western QBE Supercruise, three different group rides to choose from (3 Peaks, Cotter Loop or Gunning), afternoon workshops and demonstrations, a 5:30 group photo followed by a Gala Dinner at 7 p.m.

The weekend closes Sunday morning with breakfast and a momento photo shoot before everyone rides home in the sunshine.

“This year our sincere thanks go do Canberra District Ducati Club for hosting the 2007 rally,“ Lee added. “In 2000, this club successfully launched the ‘new’ style of the NDR that continues to improve once again. We look forward to seeing you in Canberra for a great weekend in our nation’s capital.”

For information or to register, visit or call 02 6282 7109 or 02 6241 1599.

Club Ride Update, next one is Sun 18/02/07
Boy did we learn a lesson on the last club ride, it was to be to Smith's Lake - or so we thought. Now that is a very pleasant ride in good weather, but it was 35 degrees at Freemans when we were about to set off. Two bikes decided it was a smidge too hot and went home - they were right! But five headed off, stopping 80km later in the Clarencetown pub for a breather. Once we were out of the 39-40 degree heat we had been riding through for the last half hour we knew we had all had enough! So we stayed for an hour or so and then it was a quiet ride home via the Medowie pub to hide from the heat.

What we shoulda done is head straight for a pub near the beach, probably via a loop of the lake - we won't make that mistake again! Smiths Lake will get rescheduled and in future we will be a lot more cautious about finalising ride destinations on the day with due regard to the weather. The next ride is set down as a small one, given how it comes straight after the fundraiser night - however if people are feeling good for a bit more of a ride on the day then it'll get sorted out by popular consensus, and we'll all have a good day out regardless - so put it in your diary and rock along.

Club Development
There are a few things happening under this heading, as with all voluntary clubs nothing happens too fast but it does happen! Also Frasers / NFI have been developing their thinking along these lines and we can expect to see more tangible support from that direction soon. The bottom line is that Ducati is a fantastic marque for all sorts of reasons, and there are a lot of people that want to see the owners of these machines really enjoying them to the max.

Personally I know the satisfaction and good feelings that come from putting in a bit of effort to participate in whatever's going on and am happy to encourage others to do the same. There was a distant time when it did seem like too much bother, but there have been some spectacularly successful outings and they just keep coming. It came home to me how much people truly enjoy these events when we were coming back from the Murramorang Resort 2004 NDR (Batemans Bay) with bedraggled wet r's's and were huddled together in a servo somewhere and everybody was in such good spirits - despite the various leaks in their wet weather gear or whatever, even the massive Sydney hailstorm we hid under a bridge for was just another amusing part of a great adventure! But as you will see above the Canberra DOC has arranged for a sunny trip home, even better!!!

So, if you too want to get involved a bit more in making good things better please let us know - whether it is with ideas or actually doing stuff it is all good and appreciated. Or just jot some things down in the forum (, it has been tidied up a bit since it was started - although there is a bit more to do there yet too. Or just turn up more often, this is its own reward!

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Wednesday, 17 January, 2007 11:26 PM
Subject: Hunter DOGs update and ride news

G'Day Everybody, especially including you Cyber Dog,

There is a lot of local Ducati goings on in our world at the moment, it's just fantastic that we not only get to own these fabulous bikes, but can always find something to do to share the fun and pure joy  with others who appreciate them too! Many of us have experienced the pleasant surroundings and company of our fellow Ducatisti on heaps of occasions in the past, and look enthusiastically forward to doing it lots more in the future.

But before getting into all that there will be a lot of people wondering about how Scottie's going. Things are definitely looking up but it’s a looong road yet to travel. From his first words a week ago he has come on and is talking a lot now. Last Thursday he was transferred to the Ryde Royal Rehabillitation Centre which is a really excellent facility for traumatic injury recovery (see for details). We are expecting big things there, in due course.

With the extensive injuries Scottie has suffered there is still a fair bit of confusion going on, but he seems to be picking his way through it. It is pleasing to note that his passion about motorcycling in general and Ducati in particular has not waned a bit. He says he'll "just have to be more careful" when people say he wouldn't want to ride again "of course!". And he remembers all about beer and barbecues and is looking to organise one of those as soon as possible. However two months of living in a badly beaten up body with little in the way of pain relief have left its mark, absolutely everything hurts in ways you wouldn't imagine. At least now he is out of the coma and they can deal with the pain a lot better.

Of course all this has a significant effect on his wife Paula and their two kids Samantha and Cassie, as well as Julie (Paula's mum) and the rest of their extended family. They might not have got all beaten up by the side of the road like Scottie did, but they have a lot to deal with and it sure ain't easy. Paula has been a truly magnificent advocate and ally for Scottie. His recovery will be in no small part due to her tireless efforts often in the face of significant adversity. It is just amazing what that lady has had to go through to get the best outcomes for Scottie and only serves to egg the rest of us on to help out in any way we can.

Just by the way, it will be some time before Scottie is up to visitors beyond close family and we need to let Paula filter whatever is going on for Scotty rather than to inadvertently add to the problem. But everybody knew that huh?

People have been absolutely fantastic about providing support in all sorts of ways. The kind words of encouragement, personal donations, practical assistance and donations of goods and services are all greatly appreciated and have been going 100% directly to Paula of course, who is both deeply touched and amazed at how kind people have been. Well, one of these magnificent efforts is coming to fruition being the fundraiser Bill Delaney has been the driving force behind. This is on the Sat 17th Feb at Club Macquarie, there are a bunch more details here (313kB file). Please contact Bill (etc) direct to purchase tickets as per the flyer. Note that if you downloaded it before the flyer now contains extra details of the menu and prizes to be raffled / auctioned on the night, it should be a beauty. I understand tables are being reserved for groups coming from several sections of the community, and there will be a general bikers area so everyone will be in good company regardless of who they know - just let Bill know your preferences.

Setting up the charity arm of the club is getting pretty close now, I think the last piece of "we want our forms filled in just so" correspondence has been done and dusted now so the next letters should be the formal approvals of the fundraising authority and also tax deductibility of donations. Speaking of which I need to formally advise club members that the newly revised constitution has been registered per special resolutions and a further ammendment was needed to adopt a model rules requirement wrt quorums, the final document is available here:

OK, getting back to the riding stuff. This Sunday is the monthly club ride and we are going to Smith's Lake which was a brilliant ride when we discovered it last year along with the great little café on the water (see So rock on down to Freemans Waterhole 9:30am for 10am departure, everybody is welcome - there are some more details here

Another fantastic event you should consider now is the National Ducati Rally, full details available at This event is coming up on 16-18th March and you need to get your booking and registration sorted out soon to make sure you don't miss out. There will be more details of whatever the Newcastle contingent is doing turn up here as we get closer to the event, but this gives you an idea for now. I would have to say that last year Scott and I ended up riding down together to the Beechworth NDR in Victoria and this was one of our personally most memorable ever riding holidays. It is well worth it if you can get away, love to see you there too.

I have just got an invitation in the mail from Frasers to attend the official launch of the brilliant new Ducati 1098 on Thursday 15/2/07, possibly you did too? If not you may want to know there is a bus leaving the Broadmeadow store at 5pm sharp for the cocktails night launch at the Sydney store, returning after the event. And they are taking bookings for Saturday test rides only at the launch for people to try out "the highest torque to weight ratio of any sport bike in the world". Ring Vanessa on 9701 8215 or email to participate.

We are working up the rest of the club ride calendar for the year, the ride following next Sunday's outing to Smiths Lake is the day after Scott's fundraiser. This one is set down for a relaxing doddle around to the Catho pub, probably via Wollombi. Some of the rest of the calendar is taking shape with regard to events that we know about, but if you have any suggestions or requests we would be more than happy to hear them. At the moment tentative details are here:, expect it to change!

We are also working on ways to simplify and improve club operation, this was started last year just before our illustrious Top Dog got taken out so they got put on hold for a bit. However, if you have any ideas to contribute they would be most welcome too, just let us know.

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter
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Club Newsletter - Archive Copies to mid 2008
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Newsletters have been issued in one form or another for a while now but there is no real record of this, save a trail of emails and of course, much of the info itself is contained within this forum. I figured once newsletters are issued they may as well reside here, if for no other reason than that at times other people may be issuing them rather than myself in a joint secretary / editor / webmaster role and it would be handy to have a convenient record of what has gone before. Also this gives newcomers a bit of an idea of what has been going on and what we are trying to achieve her. So, here is a batch of old ones, and I have started from the very earliest communication of this type that only loosely fits the decription! Here is 2006, oldest to bottom:

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Thursday, 07 December, 2006 4:20 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Xmas Club Ride to Patonga

Dear Cyber Dog,

Since we will all be doing that last minute shopping next weekend we will go a week early for a Christmas ride with our friends from Girls Ride Out and NSWDOC, and take a ride down to Patonga for a BBQ lunch.

If you don't go on many rides, then this is one you should come to for an easy paced ride and a beautiful day out. Bring your Christmas bells and decorate your bike in Chrissie spirit if you wish, many will!

9.00am for a 9:30am start at The Oaks, Freemans Waterhole. We are heading towards Cooranbong, Mandalong through the lovely Yarramalong Valley and up Bumble Hill. Heading along the Old Pacific Highway towards Peats Ridge and Calga. Catch up with the NSWDOC at Berowra Mobil then into the Central Coast via Kariong, Umina Beach, past the Pearl Beach turn off and down to Patonga to meet up with the Groers from Sydney for lunch and a swim if you're up to it.

This is a FUNdraiser ride for the Priestleys family and a donation of $5 per person would be appreciated. There will also be a raffle with prizes such as gift vouchers to the Hogs Breath Cafe and Western Motorcycles and some other treats.

With what has unfortunately happened to our very own Top Dog Paula will be along from 9am at Freemans Waterhole for a coffee and a chat before returning to the hospital to be with Scotty. Please come along to give her your best wishes too. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Christmas from

(Obviously 4 days after Scott wrote this one below he had a major accident - and has been a bit quiet since!)
From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Friday, 03 November, 2006 8:27 PM
Subject: New announcement: Sunday Breakfast

This Sunday is our clubs breakfast, we have been going out to the Gunyah Hotel but more recently due to unforseen circumstances we end up at Belmont 16 footers. Much to our delight the venue was fantastic as seen here . I would really like to see everyone join us this sunday to help us discuss the coming year.  We hope to meet around 9am at the 16 footers in belmont, even if its raining jump in the car as we can eat just inside with the lake views and good company.

Being November we only have a few rides left on the calender and its time to write a new one , speaking of which I have been invited to help out on a charity ride which has become this months ride. We hope to get some TV coverage on this ride as its a charity ride which may help our club grow and details can be found here for day 51 of the event which we will attend 

Now back to Breakfast, your input is highly valued and we would like you to help us to help you. Rides are designed with everyone in mind and for everyone to enjoy the ride so if you have a favourite to offer Sunday is the time to bring it forward, if you cant make it sunday but have something to offer drop me an email at

Please come along, it would be great to catch up with everyone.

Regards Scott

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The HunterDOGs Discussion Forum Team.

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 8:47 PM
Subject: New announcement: 100 Ducati Ride

Well folks its all official and ready for human consumption, if you ride a Ducati than this one's for you. Hosted by DOCNSW celebrating 30 years they are trying to assemble 100 Ducati's for a massive ride. Ive been busy helping out by providing webspace and a page to hold the info and it can be found here

Its on the 3rd December 2006 and registration is mandatory so grab a form and come along

regards Scott

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The HunterDOGs Discussion Forum Team.

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Tuesday, 01 August, 2006 6:09 PM
Subject: New announcement: New Website Stuff

Well it looks as though the CyberDOG has had the fairings off the main website over the weekend and added a massive amount of new information. Please check it out and if you find any problems or something you think it could do with drop him an email and if im sure if its possible he'll give it a go. I reckon he's done an excellent job so let him know as he does it all in his spare time.
Well Done Vince!!!

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The HunterDOGs Discussion Forum Team.

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Sunday, 30 April, 2006 8:39 PM
Subject: New announcement: NSWDOC Latest "What's On"

Here's the latest info sheet from our friends down south.

There's the excellent 5 ferries ride that we'll definitely be getting up early to make into a club ride on the 21st May (details on our calendar page), plus the June Long Weekend to Bermagui that was such fun last year. And the recon run on 8-9/07 is a lovely weekend away, riding in the sunshine to Nundle. Then the not-to-be-missed Concourse dElegance rolls round on 6/08.

Lot's of great Ducati riding excuses to get out and enjoy ourselves :P !

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The HunterDOGs Discussion Forum Team.

Sent: Monday, 17 April, 2006 2:17 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Easter Chocolate Ride and Upcoming Events

G'day Everybody,

Well Easter Sunday was a beautiful day for riding about on our Ducatis. Or for going camping or visiting friends, holidays and all those other great things we like to do on a long weekend when the weather's fine. So with all the other stuff going on there were less than usual that wanted to take their Ducatis out for a leisurely day swanning about the Hunter - but those of us that did had a very pleasant day indeed. However, I forgot to take the camera on the ride so there's not much to show for it except a warm inner glow that remains with the various participants. The gorgeous day and beautiful scenery will just have to be revisited on another ride! There is a before and after shot here since Frances finally got to try out her new Monster (she having being "stuck" in Grafton for the last 3 weeks since it arrived).

After starting the Easter Chocolate Ride Day with hot chocolates at Freemans Waterhole we headed off to Wollombi via Sandy Ck Rd and Millfield. We moved off chocolate to lemon squash then  - and it was very amusing to hear at the bar some long lost traveller rediscovering the joys of Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice, that special recipe that he remembered the effects of oh so well, all those years ago from when he had first sampled it on his travels. Then we headed off through Laguna, suddenly coming across the rd to Bumble Hill and Yarramalong Valley. Brian (a club member from Paterson) said he hadn't been on that road before - so we wended our way down there with a view to making it to the Catho Bay Pub and having a lazy afternoon sipping beer and listening to the live entertainment. Which is exactly what we did! And very good music it was too (yep, mostly oldies but goodies - but always popular) With more chocolate waiting at home to complete the ride of course.

You would have read Top Dog's account of the recent NDR we attended, what a brilliant trip away that was. And, if you have an interest in participating in some of these bigger fun riding events there are a couple coming up to maybe whet your appetite. For starters the next club ride day (Sunday 21/05/06) coincides with the 5 Ferries Combined Club Ride, a fantastic day out with our NSWDOC friends. This is no mere coincidence, as quite a few of us went along last year and we all loved it and want to go back. It means an earlyish start but well worth the trouble. NSWDOC departure time is 9am from the Mobil servo at Berowra and we work our way round the Berowra, Lower Portland, Sackville, and St Albans Ferries, with lunch at St Albans Hotel.

We'll return via Wisemans Ferry and Spencer where the NSWDOC will go home via Mt White for a coffee and we can join them if we wish, or more likely just take the short way back via Yarramalong and Wyee. In order to make the start time we will need to leave Freemans Waterhole at 7:30am with a pick-up of 8am at the twin servos on the freeway (near Wyong) for the convenience of those further south.

The following month is the Ducati Southern Explorer Tour, a long weekend away to Bermagui with NSWDOC. It was a beauty last year and we are keen to go again. Need to book accommodation direct with Horseshoe Bay hotel/motel on (02) 6493 4206. Say you are with John Wilson's Ducati Group (unfortunately anyone can answer the phone there and some of the barmaids have difficulty understanding that John is not actually sleeping in every room, ringing back 5 minutes later seems to be the easiest solution!). The departure date is 8am Sat 26th June from Casula Ampol Servo Uncle Leo's Roadhouse, Campbelltown Rd. Last year a few of us got on a week or so earlier and found a convenient place to stay Friday night which made it all very easy and pleasant.

For more details of this weekend see which links to and

Also there are other great weekends away in the form of the Recon Ride to Nundle, Motori de Italia (August 13th) and the Thunder Rally itself (in Nundle) which is the 7th and 8th of October this year, more about them and other events later.

These events are just a prelude to the Big One, Ducati Turismo 2006. This awesome experience is scheduled to commence on Monday 23rd October from a location in South East Queensland, the event will conclude in North Eastern NSW (rumoured to be Coffs Harbour) on Thursday 26th October. So that means we will be sorting out an interesting way to get there on the weekend prior and the same again on the Friday following. If you haven't been on a Tourismo event with 300 or so Ducatis gathered in one place it is worth going just for the sonic picture that is painted on the scenery when Wally waves the starting cheerio flag and we thunder off out of town - usually with the local highway patrol making sure we're well on our way without any hindrance from traffic lights and other mundane distractions. However that is simply the beginning of a truly fabulous experience from the rich tapestry of life, they don't come round that often and are well worth going out of your way to participate in.

NFI will kindly have all the back-up there to ensure people aren't let down by breakdowns or using up tyres a bit faster than expected or other miscellaneous Ducati goings on, plus they provide terrific support to ensure it is a good experience for all. Mark this one in the diary, but you'll be hearing more about it. There is some more info here

I hope you had a nice Easter and look forward to seeing you along for our next ride. All the best 'til then ..........Vince

The HunterDOGs Discussion Forum Team.

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum []
Sent: Sunday, 05 March, 2006 10:01 PM
Subject: HunterDOGs Tumbarumba Festival Weekend Adventure Story

G'day Cyber Dog,  (just trying the "variables" out, hope it put your name there not mine!)

Thought you might like to hear a bit of the tale of last weekend when a few DOGs went down to Tumbarumba Festival and had a damn fine little break away. With one thing and another we decided we would give ourselves the luxury of an overnight stay in Wentworth Falls in the Grandview Hotel (a classy old pub doing B&B's relatively cheaply mid-week).

We got away 3:30pm Thursday for a quiet coupla hundred k's to a pleasant evening meal in the Blue Mountains. Went via Somersby to Wisemans Ferry then Windsor Richmond and Springwood. It is such a long time since I've travelled from Yarramundi up the Hawkesbury Rd I had forgotten how much fun it was - and the Ducati definitely made it easier than the machinery I used to tear about on as a young fella when I lived up there.

We were lucky we had a bit of time up our sleeve as my wheel bearing cage collapsed and we had to take an hour or so out to fix it in Bathurst - you can click here to read the long version of this little drama if you like! I pride myself on having a well prepared reliable motorcycle but this time good 'ol Murphy's Law picked me to whack straight between the eyes, fairly gently as it turned out.

I think I got a bit carried away with photos - check them out here: These have been shrunk to leave them fairly detailed without being too big, let me know if you want any higher resolution ones (via email or the discussion board forum thingy). Of course these sorts of weekends are as much about the journey as they are the destination. So there's a few ride by and candid pics just to mix it up a bit with the usual shots of nice bikes and happy people standing around them.

But the real fun we all had was on the bikes. And boy did we have some real fun! The weather was a perfect easy riding day. Fantastic open sweepers on the road to Oberon, how could one resist? One didn't! Even the little Suzi was getting in amongst it with all the big gorgeous red Ducatis clearing the way (oh, and the quite nice black / silver RS Triumph providing especially useful colour contrast to show up the Ducatis as we ambled through towns!). One of the useful things about the wheel bearing cacking itself in Bathurst was I took the chance to put a new rear tyre on - the one I had would made it round OK but I would've had to baby it more than I really wanted to. This way I could just enjoy the ride, and I took the opportunity to try out a Pirelli Diablo (std) while I was at it - I keep hearing how these things have the same grip as a full on sports tyre but considerably better wear life. So far I can say the first bit seems to be true!

The roads were all good, the temperature mostly in the high 20's but peaked at 32 coming in to Gundagai before rapidly dropping back as we gained a bit of altitude. There was a bit of excitement at the end of the trip when it looked like something funny had happened with our booking and the first night seemed to have disappeared. We lobbed into Tumbarumba at 6:30pm, for a while there it looked like we were about to head off for Tintaldra or even Corryong but suddenly the publican was able to sort out whatever had gone wrong and it was all good. We never did get to the bottom of that, we were happy just to lock the bikes away and get on with the weekend.

Tumbarumba Festival was it's usual pleasant self with a useful sun blocking cloud cover which hung around all day, although they had doubled the prices since last year which was a bit of a surprise. We soon got on with some serious wine tasting, and checking out the stall with 20 tables of tools in the fair, as well as heaps of other stalls and some very fine goods. Then the Tumbarumba Dodgem Car Derby was run, no clear winner but undoubtedly the Ducati riders were out the front - if anyone could tell. The quilt show was cancelled this year, it was quite a disappointment for the boys! Finally we settled down to take in the great entertainment that Joe Camilleri provided and relax some more intermingled with some dancin' before exploring almost every spot in town for an evening meal (in the fruitless search for a big screen to catch the SuperBikes Bayliss super action).

Suitably entertained and rested we were ready to hit the road Sunday morning, it dawned fine and sunny and we were about to go when we noticed a lack of quality rubber on the back of a certain 996, James had obviously been having way too much fun on the trip down and his meagre supply of rubber was going to be a problem. Still, it would make Gundagai so we set off for there to have a review then. Well it split so much in the first hundred k's that no amount of babying the tyre would have got it even the 500km home straight up the freeway without it going pfoof somewhere.

If you've read the story about the dog on the tucker box five miles from Gundagai you will no it is essentially a hard luck tale of some bloke who was pretty well down on his luck then a dog crapped on his lunch just to top it all off. However, in our case the opposite turned out to be true! James was soon enjoying a full head of rear tyre rubber courtesy of the nice fella at the bike shop in Gundagai who was the brother in law of a Dog on the Tucker Box cafe person when we went enquiring, which was a really big help!

The hour we lost to tyre rejuvenation was probably helpful from the perspective that we were going up the Olympic Way when we got to Wallendbeen where we saw a highway patrol at the roundabout there. Similarly on the way down we found one of these gentlemen pulling up at a fuel bowser in Young, goodness knows where he would've been if we hadn't added a change of bearings - there is always a silver lining as they say!

We came down the Bells Line and a storm swept through - the first two got through completely dry but barely three minutes later it dumped the full hail and fury thing, boy was there some drenched puppies! After a bit of kafuffle dealing with that we got going round the back of Box Hill and down Annangrove Rd, however we had only just turned off Pitt Town Rd and it just dumped on us - absolutely nowhere to hide so we got soaked, except for James who had put his gear on for the earlier storm. It made Donna's suggestion of doing the easier (but extra hundred or so km) loop home via Gulgong seem like a pretty attractive option, but we needed to know this was coming 4 hours ago when we whizzed past the turnoff!

At least it stayed a pleasant summery 22 degrees for the 25km we were paddling through what felt like a solid foot of rainfall. And we could see the funny side to it all when we did stop, which was for fuel not breakdowns! It certainly added a novel dimension to our adventure, there were a couple of scary moments but we got through OK. James was home by 8pm but Frances and I stopped for a needed warm up / dry clothes and a meal at the twin Caltex's so it was another hour or so before we parked our bikes for the night with everyone else home long before, at least the last bit was more comfortable!

The next big Ducati adventure is NDR to Beechworth in Victoria, on the weekend of April Fools Day! Our friends at the NSWDOC are making a big holiday of it, leaving early on Thursday 30/03/06 to park 20 or so Ducatis at the Alpine Inn Khancoban that night, mine will be one of them, and I think Top Dog's coming too. Some of the Southerners are going for a slow lap of Tassie after the NDR but we'll be making the bolt for home. Haven't sorted out the details yet but anyone else who wants to join in on this great Ducati adventure give us a yell (, these things are always damn fine holidays.

Hope you enjoyed the tale, and for those that couldn't come, wish you were there? Maybe next time, now have a gander at some of the photos with the link above or via

Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter

From: HunterDOGs Discussion Forum
Sent: Friday, 03 February, 2006 4:39 PM
Subject: New Message: Welcome

Thanks for joining the forum and welcome to The Hunter Ducati Owners Group. The aims of the groupp are simple, Ride bikes, do a bit of socialising, maybe a bit more riding, then maybe a weekend away, and a bit more riding but mostly its about having fun an enjoying our Ducati's. I think you will find the folks we ride with are a great bunch of people and we would love to have you come along to one of our rides. We ride on the 3rd sunday of every month and meet at Freemans Waterhole Oak, on the corner of Freemans Drive and Palmers RD usually just after 9.30 for a 10am start.

This month were off to sunny smith lakes so it would be great if you can join us. Feel free to post anything to our forum, even if your planning a ride yourself post it up and usually someone would be keen to tag along.

Kindest Regards
Scott Priestley

From: Scott Priestley []
Sent: Monday, 30 January, 2006 1:35 PM
To: Scott Priestley

 Gday again folks and happy Chinese new year!! This incidentally just happens to be "The Year Of The DOG" and to celebrate our website has had a facelift. Vince has been spending his days tweaking and twisting our site to its current state for which he tells me still has a few minor tweaks left.
It looks great and a job well for our webmaster Vince!!.  3 weeks till our next ride and were off to smith lakes, we now have a downloadable membership form for those keen to join up and become an official D.O.G. member and for those who just want to tag along on our rides or join us on a social evening.

Tumbarumba Festival is also at the end of the month and we still have a few spots so if you're keen to come along to this one drop Vince an email and let him know .

I would also like to invite everyone to sign up on our forum so you can keep up to date with coming events, unplanned rides, social evenings and anything else that you might like to come along to, don't be frightened to put your hand up and suggest a social ride as there's a few of us who can usually tag along for a bit of fun.

PS there's a few new photos up in our photo album from the impromptu ride we did on Australia day round the lake and back for some entertainment in the park at Speers point so jump on and check em out.

See you in 3 weeks


From: topdog
Sent: Saturday, 07 January, 2006 5:04 PM
Subject: [ducatiEA] RE: DOCNSW Ride to Patonga Saturday 7th January 2006

Congratulations to you guys and Im proud to be a member of your fine club, Unfortunately I couldnt be there to help you celebrate as I have work committments and seeing as though im my only employee I couldnt call in sick.

Its quite an accomplishment to make 30 years and its due to the dedication of the hard working committee and the support of your members throughout this time, even though I have only been a member what would be regarded a short time i have made some great friends and really appreciate all that you folks have done for me personally.

Some personal thanks from me

Madame Vice, the lady who convinced me to join and great friend.

Aunty Mal, the most passionate Ducati nut I have ever met and a person who has supplied me an endless amount of knowledge about my bike and helped me make it an animal to ride.

John Wilson, for his tireless efforts in his ride days and events for which I have been able to attend.

Da Hulk, I would follow this guy anywhere and I always enjoy the editorials.

Im sure there are many more of you and I look forward to riding with you soon.

So have a great time, enjoy the ride and stay safe.


1 week to go for the Hunter DOGs!!!!
if u get keen, meet us at Freemans Waterhole aroud 9.30 next sunday the 15th.
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